GNOME’s GHOP Runner-Ups.

I’m quite late with this, but I like to mention a few more students that participated in Google’s Highly Open Participation Contest. I’m pleased to post our unofficial “runner-ups” here:

Patrick Hulin (patrick.hulin)

The GNOME Project has selected Patrick Hulin as our Grand Prize Winner because of the quality and quantity of his contributions to the project. He worked on a varied set of tasks including documentation enhancements, performance contributions to GTK+, test coverage improvements in glib and cairo, porting baobab from gnome-vfs to gio, and bug fixing on several GNOME modules, especially Totem.

David Turner (Cillian64)

David took on a variety of tasks. He warmed up by working on some of our “choose the bugs yourself” tasks (fixing twelve mnemonic bugs and testing five patches from GNOME’s bugzilla) just to dive into the codebases of empathy (providing support for removing groups) and gThumb (preparing to remove the libexif library). He also vastly improved the scrolling support in Evince.
In addition to this, David updated the JHBuild moduleset schemas and the (now new and shiny) manual itself.
David already had open source development experience, as the developer of tuxcast, a command-line linux podcatcher.

Natan Yellin (aantny)

Natan wrote an article on GConf for the GNOME Journal (not yet released). He provided Drag-and-drop support for the Online Desktop file widget and a mail widget for the Online Desktop sidebar, fixed a Deskbar-Applet bug and also modified gThumb’s metadata handling and enhancing gThumb’s script definitions.
Natan is full of ideas and provided own proposals for potential tasks. He is especially interested in AWN (a dock-like bar) and currently thinks about creating a universal applets framework for GNOME.

Philipp Kerling (k.philipp)

Philipp added an LCOV code coverage suite to Pango and GTK+ to measure code coverage. He also contributed code to the GNOME online desktop module by providing an embedded workspace switcher widget and popouts for the Online Desktop file widget. He removed old icons from the gnome-desktop module that are now shipped in gnome-icon-theme and fixed four bugs in gnome-build.
Philipp has also contributed to GNOME’s German translation team.

In general, we again like to thank all the students participating. Many of our students went above and beyond what had been asked for by the task descriptions and were also available in our IRC channels to help each other. It was a great pleasure and wonderful experience to work with all of you – looking forward to seeing you around!

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