easter traditions.

lots of regions have special easter traditions, so does my hometown. one week before the easter weekend, six six foot tall wheels made of oak wood get thrown into the local river so that the wood is saturated with water and cannot easily burn. at easter sunday, the wheels are brought up to a hill (the so called “easter mountain”, years ago my grandfather did this job with his two horses) and the wheels get “filled” with some special straw. when it becomes dark, a cannon announces each wheel that gets ignited and then thrown down the hill.
it’s a heathenish-germanic custom based on some sun cult, but to combine it with christianity the bells of the churches ring when the wheels are rolling down the hill.
for better imagination: exciting video footage (by anna and cedric) from last year here (youtube) and boring footage (by /me of course) from this year here (ogg video).

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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