GNOME 3 status.

This is an update about cleaning up the GNOME stack for GNOME 3. This has also been posted to the desktop-devel mailing list.

This status report refers to the aims listed in the 2.27/2.29 schedule and the automatic statistics available (which now also covers the Mobile section, hence results can be worse than last time).

Maintainers: I have listed available PATCHES AWAITING REVIEW.
Please take a look if your module is listed and review/commit NOW so the changes can receive enough testing for 2.28.

THE PROBLEMS: What migration paths are missing?

This list is of course not complete. Also see LibgnomeMustDie.
Feel encouraged to add your issues.

ZERO modules with Glib-Deprecated-Symbols

NOT COMPLETED (“Reopened”) now that we also check external deps and the Mobile set:

  • Still to do: gconf-dbus, evolution-data-server-dbus.
  • External deps to do: dbus-glib, hal, libnotify, mono. PATCHES available: dbus-glib, libnotify. FIXED: farsight2, libnice, poppler.

Officially ANNOUNCE libglade as deprecated in favor of GtkBuilder


Less than 35 modules depending on libglade.


  • low: 25
  • average: 5 (dasher, gnome-media, gnome-panel, gok, zenity)
  • complex: 2 (gnome-control-center, evolution)
  • PATCHES awaiting review/commit: gnome-control-center, gdm, gnome-nettool, gnome-mag, gnome-media, gnome-menus, gnome-panel, gnome-session, gnome-system-tools, gtkhtml, sound-juicer, zenity, tracker. Maintainers please review/commit.

Clear a11y plan and schedule for 3.0


Less than 12 modules depending on libgnome

NOT COMPLETED (Progress compared to 2.27.1: 22->15).

  • low: 10
  • average: 4 (Evolution, gnome-media, yelp, anjuta)
  • complex: 1 (gok)

Please share experiences and knowledge.

Less than 12 modules depending on libgnomeui

NOT COMPLETED (Progress compared to 2.27.1: 15->12).

  • low: 9
  • average: 2 (Evolution-Exchange, gnome-panel)
  • complex: 1 (Evolution)

Please share experiences and knowledge.

ZERO modules dependening on gnome-vfs


  • average: 1 (gst-plugins-base)


  • low: 8
  • average: 7 (gnome-control-center, evolution, gedit, metacity, glade3, gconf-dbus)
  • complex: 2 (gnome-games, gnome-media)
  • PATCHES awaiting review/commit: gnome-control-center, gedit, metacity, yelp, glade3, policykit-gnome

Evolution-Data-Server must be migrated to D-Bus by default

NOT COMPLETED. Evolution schedule currently under discussion.
A Git branch is available.

WebKit status report for 2.27.5

IN PROGRESS. WebKitGTK+ has been proposed as an external dependency.
See d-d-l for the status.

Evolution to get rid of Bonobo by 2.27.3

NOT COMPLETED and postponed for 2.29.1.
See KillBonobo for the status. Testing and reporting bugs is HIGHLY welcome. See Matthew’s blog for more information.

Complete migration from HAL to DeviceKit-* by 2.27.3

According to “jhbuild rdepends hal –direct” the following modules still depend on HAL:

More important stuff to take a look at:

Not yet covered in the stats but required to fix are also:

Nice to fix:

GNOME Showstoppers

For GNOME 2.26/2.28, I have posted a Showstopper Review earlier this week. Feel free to take a look, test & help out, get things done.

Other activity

Kudos to the progress that has been made so far!
Getting rid of Popt is basically DONE.
ZERO modules dependening on Esound is DONE.
ZERO modules dependening on Gnomeprint is DONE.
The Website revamp front is rocking, and the Documentation team also has some great momentum currently.

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9 Responses to GNOME 3 status.

  1. Snark says:

    Ekiga does make use of HAL too ; and I already opened a bug about it :

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  3. Cabrey says:

    This is great, but please don’t rush it! We _really_ don’t want to end up like KDE4 O_o!

  4. Pingback: » Lo stato della migrazione a GNOME 3

  5. Opoho says:

    Regarding thumbnails, isn’t it something like a cross-platform implementation in discussion within freedesktop ?

  6. Vadim says:

    Great report.

  7. alexl says:

    All the libgnomeui thumbnailer stuff is availible in recent versions of libgnomedesktop.

  8. ulrik says:

    And bindings have to follow! It’s frustrating when things like EggSMclient happens — it’s not available in bindings anymore. OTOH, I use python and python makes conditional implementations easier (try: .. except ImportError). Irregardless: bindings have to follow!

  9. James says:

    Panel applets still depend on bonobo – what happened to desrt’s SoC project that had a new applet API based on D-Bus?

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