Maemo Summit 2009

After spending three holidays in Amsterdam (rainy but still a wonderful time) we moved from our hotel to the Openismus apartment on the evening before the summit started. Great to see the friends/colleagues again, plus only 5 minutes of walking to the venue.

As my laptop had died directly after arriving in Amsterdam this was a good chance to test whether Modest is an acceptable replacement. I ran into three issues: Not possible to mark several messages at once as read, no threading view (really important if you get lots of Bugzilla mail and want to read the previous one), and no option to search for a message (and not just in the one message that you have selected).

Conference opening was nice. Jim Zemlin’s keynote (Linux Foundation) was a bit too much for me though, sounded like “Linux will have 101% market share next year because it’s better than everything”. Qole interviewing Ari Jaaksi had a good moment: Ari stated that having two bugtrackers does not make sense in the long run. Good to hear that common sense is shared.

I was content with my talk about the current situation of bug management (boring slides here, video hopefully later).

Now that Nokia handed out 300 N900 pre-production devices to the folks at the summit, Bugzilla has been flooded with new reports. Most of them have a good quality (seems like developers know that being exact in the initial description saves everybody’s time) but still it looks like more than we can currently perfectly(TM) handle so we need more help in the long run.
Let’s see how the next weeks go, especially when average users have found their way to Bugzilla and start filing their issues. Keep in mind that for many it will be the first time to do this, hence let’s be friendly and explain some triaging decisions whenever it makes sense (“Thanks for reporting this. This has been already reported.” or “Thanks, but this is not a bug in the software itself. Please go to to receive help in this case.”).
As said, help is always welcome.

Photo by thp4, CC licensed

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