GNOME accepted for Code-In; Tasks needed!

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Good news: GNOME has been accepted for Google Code-In that starts on Nov 22nd!

Now we need your tasks for students, may they be about Code, Documentation, Outreach, QA, Research, Training, Translation, UI. Please take a moment and think about smaller stuff that needs to be done and could help to make young folks dive into open source.
Check GNOME Community: How to Get Involved for more info how to become a mentor, and feel free to contact me if something is unclear or if you need help. (About the tasks already proposed in our wiki: I plan to migrate them to the project’s task tracker in a few days.)

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2 Responses to GNOME accepted for Code-In; Tasks needed!

  1. jennie says:

    Hi! I had added a few localization tasks (Greek) to the old page, but I am still rather uncertain about how long the tasks should take.
    For the current tasks, I counted approximately 2 hours for 1 day’s work. Is that too little or is it OK?

    Also, I could add other similar tasks, or I could remove a couple. How many tasks for localization into Greek would you consider acceptable?

  2. aklapper says:

    @jennie: Good question that was also already asked on Google’s GCI mailing list without a clear answer.
    I think 2 or 3 hours per day sounds totally okay.
    For what to enter in the “Create a new task” form, “The mouseover help in the manual entry form sounds like those hours are meant to be clock hours between starting (claiming) the task and delivering the result (NOT work hours).”

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