MeeGo Conference 2010

The enthusiasm at this conference was pretty impressive. It was probably the right boost for the MeeGo project at the right time as engineers of involved companies could get to know each other and hopefully now also understand a bit better the needs and expectations of the community with regard to openness. At least some of them. ;-)


(Compared to other conferences) I went to a lot of talks in order to get a better understanding of MeeGo.

After the initial keynotes and Dawn Foster’s “State of the community” talk I went to Eric & Stephen’s “Error management Tools and Processes” talk which helped realizing what we are after in the field of error management.

My second day started with Quim’s Marketing session and Dave Neary’s enjoyable “Community Anti-Patterns” (many of them already well known from Maemo). Didn’t manage to attend Stskeeps’ “MeeGo on N900” talk because of some chats in front of the venue and in the entrance hall. Continued with the insightful “MeeGo L10N/I18N upstream”, “Community Metrics” and “Community Application support”.

The “MeeGo Quality Approach” talk by Veli-Pekka Valula and May Xie was helpful to understand the complexity of QA and why help in improving the bug management is welcome. Also a nice opportunity to meet the Intel QA folks from the mailing list in person!

My own BoF session “Handling bug reports in” was on Wednesday morning right after the great Guinness party the evening before. Hence I incorrectly expected not to see many people around (and me being sleepy and tired) but according to feedback it went well and I think we had fun (well, I had!).
When I created my slides I had Josh Berkus’ “How to Prevent Community: Making Sure Your Pond Stays Small” in mind but I kept sticking to issues specific to bug management that could be done better in Maemo and MeeGo. Right now there are mostly bug reports by people with a technical background in the bugtracker but once MeeGo becomes more popular we will have to deal with user reports with different qualities and points of view.
I hope the video will soon be available somewhere here.

All in all I had a good time in Dublin that left me in a positive mood regarding the future of MeeGo.

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