Google Code-In status

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Google Code-In contest has started on Monday and things are going nicely apart from interpretating contest rules (solved on the gci-discuss mailing list), slowness in task list access (fixed by Google yesterday), and way less email notifications than expected (you have to click the star icon to subscribe to notifications even when you are the mentor of a task).

Big kudos to Lucian Adrian Grijincu for providing lots of useful feedback on how to improve, update and fix the contest documentation on our wiki. I even tricked him into becoming a GCI co-admin for GNOME – Welcome! ;-)

We are looking for more tasks!
We only have about 30 so far but lots of interested students. Tasks can be provided at any time, just go ahead!
If you have anything in mind (e.g. translations) that could become a 2-5 days task for high school students please do become a mentor. Check out the instructions and help a student on her or his trip into the open source world!

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