bugs.maemo.org updated to 3.4

As some might have noticed, bugs.maemo.org was upgraded from ancient version 2.22 to 3.4 last week. This means we now have a version running that is maintained upstream, a design that fits to the rest of maemo.org, less noisy comments, a frontpage that now states “This is a community issue tracker, sponsored by Nokia, not a Nokia communication channel”, and less complexity by e.g. hiding fields that normal users don’t ever need when filing a report. Plus we are not at the bottom of LPSolit’s list of Bugzilla installations anymore. ;-)

All kudos goes to Karsten Bräckelmann for lots of work (like applying the maemo.org wide theme, turning some image files into pure CSS, and tracking down ugly database transition issues), David King for continuing with finetuning and fixing missing pieces, and Ferenc Szekely for testing and deploying!

Today I finished updating my little Greasemonkey triage helper script for maemo.org Bugzilla so it should be functional again.

I also wrote an initial Greasemonkey triage helper script for meego.com Bugzilla that provides some common one-click stock answers and will display the email addresses of commenters and reporters by default (I like to spot immediately if a commenter has a corporate background).

(On a side note, yes, Mozilla Jetpack extensions are of course the future and to supersede Greasemonkey, like Matěj’s bugzilla-triage-scripts. That’s on the ever-growing to-do list.)

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6 Responses to bugs.maemo.org updated to 3.4

  1. ezzy e says:

    full supportive portrait mode on every application mostly on sms pleeaasseee would love my phone if it had that fuction

  2. @ezzy e: If you have a blog I will also gladly add unrelated & clueless comments to your posts! If you want your phone to have that function, maybe buy a phone that supports it? Easy, eh?

  3. ezzy e says:

    @andre klapper lol okay well i was talking about the nokia n900 since maemo is on that mobile device sorry i wasnt clear lol and i just want it to half that since there bring maemo back and i just wanted my voice to be heard lol. and you can delete what i said idc. and also in sms there should be a horizontal keyboard =) but just some ideas for the phone.

  4. aklapper says:

    @ezzy e: Why do you tell me, and here? Both don’t make sense. Go to http://talk.maemo.org please.

  5. avin2 says:

    please update it.

  6. aklapper says:

    @avin2: I have no idea what you are talking about.

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