GNOME Bugzilla closed for new bug entry

As part of GNOME’s ongoing migration from Bugzilla to Gitlab, from today on there are no products left in GNOME Bugzilla which allow the creation of new tickets.
The ID of the last GNOME Bugzilla ticket is 797430 (note that there are gaps between 173191–200000 and 274555–299999 as the 2xxxxx ID range was used for tickets imported from Ximian Bugzilla).

Since the year 2000, the Bugzilla software had served as GNOME’s issue tracking system. As forges emerged which offer tight and convenient integration of issue tracking, code review of proposed patches, automated continuous integration testing, code repository browsing and hosting and further functionality, Bugzilla’s shortcomings became painful obstacles for modern software development practices.

Nearly all products which used GNOME Bugzilla have moved to GNOME Gitlab to manage issues. A few projects (Bluefish, Doxygen, GnuCash, GStreamer, java-gnome, LDTP, NetworkManager, Tomboy) have moved to other places (such as Gitlab, self-hosted Bugzilla instances, or Github) to track their issues.

Reaching this milestone required finding, contacting and discussing over the last months with project maintainers of mostly less active projects which had used GNOME Bugzilla for their issue tracking.
For convenience, there are redirects in place (for those websites out there which still directly link to Bugzilla’s ticket creation page) to guide them to the new issue tracking venues.

Note that closing only refers to creating new tickets: There are still 189 products with 21019 open tickets in GNOME Bugzilla. IMO these tickets should either get migrated to Gitlab or mass-closed on a per-product basis, depending on maintainers’ preferences. The long-term goal should be making GNOME Bugzilla completely read-only.

I also fixed the custom “Browse” product pages in GNOME Bugzilla to get displayed (the previous code expected products to be open for new bug entry). Should make it easier again for maintainers to potentially triage and clean up their old open tickets in Bugzilla.

Thanks to Carlos and Andrea and everyone involved for all their help!

PS: Big Thanks to Lenka and everyone who signed the postcard for me at FOSDEM 2019. Missed you too! :)

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