Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2018

Newcomer and Mentor sticker designs

Newcomer and Mentor stickers designed by GCI 2017 participant Ashley Zhang, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Google Code-in (GCI) is an annual seven week long contest for 14–17-year-old students exploring free and open source software projects. Organizations, such as the Wikimedia community, offer small tasks in the areas of code, documentation, outreach, research, and design. Students who complete tasks receive a digital certificate and a shirt from Google. The top students in every participating organization win a visit of Google’s headquarters. Students can directly experience how large online projects are organized, collaborate with humans across the planet, and the students’ accepted work is made available to millions of worldwide users.

For the sixth time, Wikimedia was one of 27 participating organizations which offered tasks mentored by community members.

In late 2018, 199 students worked on 765 Wikimedia tasks with the help of 39 mentors. To list only some students’ achievements and show the variety of projects, areas, and programming languages in the Wikimedia community:

…and many many more.

Some students have also written about their experience. Google also posted a summary with statistics.

We would like to congratulate our winners Nathan and Shreyas Minocha, our finalists arcaynia, Jan Rosa, takidelfin and Zoran Dori, and all contributors on their many contributions! We hope to see you around! We would also like to thank all our mentors for their commitment to be available also on weekends and holidays, for coming up with task ideas, working together, quickly reviewing contributions, and for providing feedback what we could improve next time.
Thanks to everybody on IRC, Gerrit, Phabricator, mailing lists, Github, Telegram for their friendliness, patience, support and help.

Wikimedia always welcomes contributions to improve free and open knowledge. Find out how you can contribute.

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