Google Code-in 2018 and Wikimedia: Mentors and smaller tasks wanted!

Google Code-in will take place again soon (from October 23 to December 13). GCI is an annual contest for 13-17 year old students to start contributing to free and open projects. It is not only about coding: We also need tasks about design, documentation, outreach/research, and quality assurance. And you can mentor them!

Last year, 300 students worked on 760 Wikimedia tasks, supported by 51 mentors from our community.

  • Your gadget code uses some deprecated API calls?
  • You’d enjoy helping someone port your template to Lua?
  • You’d welcome some translation help (which cannot be performed by machines)?
  • Your documentation needs specific improvements?
  • Your user interface has some smaller design issues?
  • Your Outreachy/Summer of Code project welcomes small tweaks?
  • You have tasks in mind that welcome some research?

Note that “beginner tasks” (e.g. “Set up Vagrant”) and generic tasks are very welcome (like “Choose and fix 2 PHP7 issues from the list in this task” style).

If you have tasks in mind which would take an experienced contributor 2-3 hours, become a mentor and add your name to our list!

Thank you in advance, as we cannot run this without your help.

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