Video Series

I’m nearly a month down on a branch for Builder 3.20. It’s goal is to radically simplify the process of creating plugins, and prepare for external plugins. We really wanted to create a solid plugin story before doing that and things are progressing nicely.

However, I wanted to point out I put together a short(ish) video on creating your first GObject in C. It does expect some familiarity with C. You can find the video on Youtube, or alternatively, I applaud your use of youtube-dl.


I hope to do more of these videos (with better planning, storyboarding, and production quality) as time permits. I’d also like companion material (latex chapters or similar) if possible.

And I’ll leave you with a few screenshots to whet your appetite. All UI elements are non-final. We’ve been iterating and playing with a few ideas to see what sticks.

Editor and tab-like things in perspectives

New preferences perspectives for GNOME Builder 3.20