Smoother Scrolling of Text Views

When working on GTK 4, special care was taken to ensure that most of a GtkTextView‘s content could be rendered without GL program changes and maximal use of glDrawArrays() with vertices from a VBO.

That goes a long way towards making smooth scrolling.

In recent releases, GTK gained support for scrolling using more precise scroll units. On macOS with Apple touchpads, for example, that might map physical distance to a certain number of logical pixels within the application.

If you’re at 2x scaling, you might get values from the input system with “half pixel” values (e.g. .5) since that would map just fine to the physical pixel boundary of the underlying display server.

That’s great for our future, but not everything from GTK’s early designs around X11 have been excised from the toolkit. Currently, widget allocations are still integer based, meaning at 2x scaling they will sit on 2x physical pixel boundaries even though 1x physical pixel boundaries would be just fine to keep lines sharp (assuming you aren’t fractionally scaling afterwards).

Furthermore, GtkTextView works in logical pixels as well. That means that if you want to smooth scroll a text view and you get those 0.5 logical pixel values (1x physical pixels) you wont scroll until you get to 1.0 which then jumps you 2x physical pixels.

That can create some unsightly jitter, most noticeable during kinetic deceleration.

To fix the widget allocation situation, a future ABI break in GTK would have to move to some sort of float/double for widget coordinates. Everything underneath GTK (like GSK/GDK/Graphene/etc) is already largely doing this as GDK went through substantial improvements and simplification for GTK 4.

But with a little creativity, abstraction, and willingness to completely break ABI for a prototype, you can get an idea of what that would be like.

I put together a quick branch today which makes GtkTextView use double for coordinates so that I could push it to snap to physical pixel boundaries.

The fun thing is finding all the ways it breaks stuff. Like text underline getting into situations where it looks different as you scroll or having to allocate GtkWidget embedded within the GtkTextView on logical pixels.

Like I said earlier, it completely breaks ABI of GtkTextView, so don’t expect to replace your system GTK with it or anything.

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