My new year party was very cool at Jardim de Alá beach with Carol, her brother and parents. In this month, probably, I won’t have any time for hacking because I’m in the last graduation semester and I need to finish my final project (yes, there’s no webpage yet, I’ll solve it soon!).


The Rise of Network Society
(again!) by Manuel Castells,

Liquid Modernity
by Zygmunt Bauman, and

Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software
by Steven Johnson.

Some days ago, I watched the amazing movie
The Incredibles
. Great graphics and script!

I’m very curious about C# and Mono stuff. Maybe I’ll begin to study something about it as soon as i get some free time.

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.