From Pã to Mauss

Luis suggested me to listen to Miles Davis’ “Sketches of Spain” album. Well, I liked it, very good one. Specially the “Concierto De Aranjuez” songs. Though, the album is too much “classical” in some ways. I liked “Bitches Brew” more. :-)

Last week, I played with Pã twice. Good shows. In the other band, Paroano Sai Milhó, we’ll start recording our 4th album. The recording process per se is very repetitive and tiring but the end result is always compensative!

I’ve been reading some interesting books about democracy and ciberspace:

It’s been hard to me to have to work on things (mainly web development) that I don’t feel almost any pleasure. I wish I could work on GNOME more (quantitatively and qualitatively), this would be REALLY great. Well, just dreaming…

Gift and Free Software
I’m reading some basic work about the “gift” sociological Marcel Mauss (anti)-paradigm. I strongly suggest reading this Godbout introdutory article (in portuguese). Those who are involved in free software communities will have lots of insights about why we hackers do what we do. Mauss paradigm seems to be the sociological aproach that best explain lots of aspects of free software culture.

Tiny hack
I and my great friend Aurélio hacked firestarter to fix a little problem.

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