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I and Carol are going to move to Helsinki in the middle of October. The reason: I’ve got a new job at Nokia. I’ll work on the Maemo project. We’re just waiting for the visa. As genuine latin americans, south americans, brazilians, brazilian northeasters, from Bahia state, from Salvador city, I’m sure that living in Europe/Scandinavia/Finland/Helsinki will be a huge change for us in all the aspects.


I’m very excited about this brand new job because it’s the first time I have a job where I’ll work directly/indirectly on the stuff I could only do in my free time: GNOME and open source/free software hacking. Yay!

Last saturday, we had a party to celebrate our moving to Finland and our marriage! Here are some photos.

Thanks everyone for all the positive wishes (phone calls, e-mail, blog posts, blog comments, etc) about my marriage!

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

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  1. Nice one. Finland is the place to be these days. Although culturally, South America seems much more fun than Europe is. (but that’s hard to tell, when you never been there like me)

    But working for Nokia. Doing Gnome stuff. Sounds like a lovely opportunity.

    Just don’t forget to visit the rest of Europe when you get a chance. Berlin, Paris, Rome. Pretty much mandatory ;-) Go to Berlin for the history, go to Paris for the Arts and go to Rome for the passion and the food.

  2. Finland is not actually in Scandinavia, it’s part of the region called the Nordic Countries (also includes Iceland and the Faroes), or the more precise, but less used designation Fennoscandinavia.

    Scandinavia consists of the 3 Scandinavian kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, where the Scandinavian languages are spoken by the whole of the population.

    Using Scandinavia as a term for the Nordic Countries is wrong, but unfortunately very common amongst people not from Northern Europe. The 3 Scandinavian countries have a speciel cultural and linguistical relationship not shared by the other countries, this is why incorrect use of the term can be a little aggravating to someone who’s actually FROM Scandinavia.

    It’s like saying the Republic of Ireland is part of the UK. Most Irish wouldn’t like that either ;)

  3. parabens Lucas!

    word of advice though: i’m angolan-portuese and i’ve been working in england for around 8 years and i find the weather really difficult! its really depressing, its always gray and raining. make sure you plan long holidays in brazil in finland’s winter!

    big congrats!

  4. Going to Finland (or any “nordic” country) in October will probably be somewhat of a shock. Look forward to five hours of daylight in the winter ;). The beautiful summer that follows will be 1000 times more beautiful though (19 hours of daylight. Wheeee!!!).

  5. Hey Lucas!

    Congratulations for you new job! It will probably will be very schocking for you to live in Finland. Be prepared for a heavy weather and cultural change.

    Will we still have you as the maintainer of EOG, right dude? ;-)

  6. Massa as fotos do casório. Gostei do bolo. Notei que Soumn filmou. Manda esses ‘caba di pêia’ butá o filme na net logo, visse?

    Um abraço e já estou com muita saudades dos dois; já que não vou vê-los antes de irem embora de SSA.

    Boa viagem, e joguem duro lá na dança de HUMPPA!

  7. Alô, Lucas!

    Meu amigo, estou muito feliz! Mesmo afastado, mantenho-me sempre atento ao seu blog e, por tabela, às suas novas investidas e reflexões. Felicidades para os dois, sucesso, saúde e bons momentos, sejam no Brasil, na Finlândia ou em qualquer outro lugar deste planeta.

    Beijo grande para Carol e para si. E muitas saudades!

    É isso,
    Wagner – 20.09.2006, 21h11.

  8. Congratulations and hope to meet you soon in the same team! (I’ll follow in your footsteps, only from the East) :)

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