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Carol’s blog
Carol, my lovely wife, created a blog (in portuguese) to post her impressions about our daily life in Finland. Check out her first post!

Finnish food impressions
I’ve received lots of comments (well, much more than I expected!) on my last post about my first finnish food impressions. Actually, I received support from many people at work. Funny to see the finns defending their food in such a positive way! Actually, I’ve received some cool restaurant suggestions. tigert, Zetor is in my top list for future dinners, let’s go there!

PS: If someone considered that post arrogant or felt offended in some way, please don’t. Those are just impressions from a foreigner, nothing more! :-)

Nice coincidences

Carol in front of “Carrols”.

Drinking czech beer (Velkopopovicky Pivo) at “Chico’s”
which is my father’s nickname.

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