Shouldn’t we talk?

The number of GNOME-Platform-based user interfaces (or “Desktop environments” if you prefer) for embedded devices is growing. AFAIK, those are the guys in the field:

We have different focuses: OLPC (Sugar) on education, ACCESS on PDAs, Maemo (Hildon Desktop) on Internet Tablets and OpenMoko on cellphones. However, I’m sure we have a lot to share and learn with each other in terms of architecture, UI framework, plugin systems, standards, code, ideas, and so forth.

I saw that (probably) there will be some talks related to those projects in GUADEC. This means that we will all be at the same place, at the same time, It’s a good oportunity for us to get together and talk! So, what do you think?

Update 1: It seems that some very interesting discussion among OLPC, Maemo and OpenEmbedded guys already took place during Bossa Conference. Good to know we’re already talking. :-)
Update 2: Someone commented that I should add LiMo Foundation to the list. Does anyone know if there will be anyone from LiMo at GUADEC?

Google Summer of Code 2007

GNOME is participating in Summer of Code 2007. If you are a student and you want to apply, you can submit your project before March 24th. You can find some ideas for projects on our wiki.

If you want to help us on getting more student projects to GNOME, print the poster in your language and post it at universities of your city. Don’t forget to notify in the university advertisement page to avoid duplicate effort.

Maintainers, there’s still time to add some ideas to the game. Just add it to the “New/not-prioritized” section (see the instructions in the page). I’ve seen some nice potential SoC projects on your plans for 2.20. :-)

Big thanks to Máirín for the beautiful banner and poster!

GNOME 2.18 released!

Yes, Yes, exactly! GNOME 2.18 is released! It’s always nice to see such a nice result of hard work from so many people (have a look at the gnome-about dialog)! Congratulations to everyone who contributed in anyways to this beautiful release!

GNOME 2.18 is 100% translated to brazilian portuguese (2.14 and 2.16 had 98%)! A big thanks to the whole pt_BR team: Leonardo Fontenelle (pt_BR hero!), Og Maciel (pt_BR hero!), Guilherme Pastore, Raphael Higino, Washington Lins, Licio Fonseca, Alexandre de Menezes, Pedro de Medeiros, Afonso Celso Medina, João Bueno Calligaris, André Noel, Raul Pereira, Robson Negreiros, Everson Araujo, Vicente Aguiar, Vinicius Pinheiro, Amadeu Júnior, Lucas Veloso, Claudio André, Franz Gustav Niederheitmann, Luiz Fernando Armesto, Igor Soares, Jonh Wendell and Fábio Nogueira (Sorry if I forgot anyone). I love you guys!

I’m really excited about what’s coming for GNOME 2.20! Let’s start our hard (and super fun) work again! Go Go Go!

GNOME Journal submission deadline

The GNOME Journal is preparing for another great new edition!

Join our We-tell-the-world-about-GNOME-and-it-rocks club, and find the
love of your life! The deadline for submitting articles is April, the 1st.

The next edition is going to appear on April, the 15th 2007. General
information about the GNOME Journal, the submission guidelines, an other stuff is available in the wiki:

Don’t forget to add you article to our article submission queue! Do
this within the next 24 hours and win tickets to the moon. :-)

The GNOME Journal, March Edition

The latest issue of the GNOME Journal has just been published! It features an introduction to GTK+ cross-platform application development, an interview with Jakub Steiner and Andreas Nilsson about the Tango Project, the first article of a series about free desktop companies, and a letter from the editor. Writers in this edition are John D. Ramsdell, Alexandre Prokoudine, Sri Ramkrishna, and Jim Hodapp, respectively.

Read now:

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