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As I’ve announced before, the development version of Eye of GNOME, your beloved image viewer, features a new plugin system which allows you to extend EOG’s UI and behavior. Now that I added python support to the plugin system, the only thing is missing is a bunch of cool plugins! :-)

I’ll pay a beer (at GUADEC) for each one who develops a cool plugin and helps us to improve our plugin system. I have some ideas for a start:

  • File browser pane: something like the File Browser Gedit plugin;
  • Flickr Uploader (aka Postr integration): I have a prototype ready for this one;
  • Photo feed viewer: add support for adding, removing, and viewing photo feeds;
  • Blog This Image: this one could be done by integrating with good/old gnome-blog app;
  • Add watermark to Image: you would be able to add the watermark from a text or from an existing image;
  • Location on Statusbar: show a statusbar icon with a tooltip showing location info (city, country, neighborhood, street, etc) embedded in the image;
  • Creative Commons Licence: show a statusbar icon with a tooltip showing the license embedded in the image;
  • Add your suggestion here!

Volunteers!? :-)

The Side Pane problem

I want to allow plugins to add functionalities to a side panel in EOG. As you probably know, there’s no such side panel in EOG yet. Considering that currently you can place the image collection pane on the top, bottom, right, or left side of the window (a feature requested by several users), how can I have the (left) side pane (for plugins) and allow the image collection pane to be on the left side as well?

In the case of Gedit, the side panel has a documents list (the equivalent UI element of EOG’s image collection pane) and other “pages” can be added to the panel by the plugins. In the case of EOG, this would not be a good approach because the image collection pane is something that you want to keep visible all the time and the side bar should always be on the left side.

Any suggestion?

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

11 thoughts on “Python in the Eye”

  1. Lucas,

    Instead of Postr why not try a Conduit plugin, then you would get upload/sync to not just Flickr but PicasaWeb, SmugMug, and whatever conduit supports in future.

    Ping me if you are interested and I will have a shot at implementing it

  2. Have you seen those javascript apps that allow you to upload an avatar and if it’s too big, they allow you to resize it live (like on gthumb’s resize or f-spot’s select). It’s just a rectangular selection over the image, then you can crop it.
    I would like to do that one, let’s see if I manage to deal with that, in any case here’s the idea so anyone feel free to do it before I do.

  3. “Blog This Image”
    oh please good lord don’t call it that, the idea is fine but I really hate the neologism “blog”, a pretentious unnecessary new for journal or diary.
    Not only will you offend those of us who are overly sensitive about the English language you will very likely cause all kinds of grief for translators who will have to rephrase into something more sensible and less like trendy slang. Slang and jargon need to be avoided in English translations knowing how many people feel it the need to use computers through English as a second language.

    Given how you plan to provide Flickr integration might it be possible to have a more generic “Upload Image…” and then fit in the specifics to Flickr or whatever else on the backend? I do hope the suggestion to use Conduit works out, it sounds much more robust.
    Keep in mind the slow turnaround time of distributions and even slower turnaround of other institutions. You cannot be confident these third party services will still be around in a year or two and user may not have any option to ignore whatever plugins administrators have provided.

    So as not to be complaining I do have a suggestion and that is to do anything you can to encourage tagging of all kinds in plugins. Anything like XMP and EXIF would be great, especially if I could use EOG to quickly adjust the XMP on even SVG images.
    Also the image tagging system on Facebook is remarkable. It is a huge surprise how compelling it is to draw a little box on picture and tag a person in a photo (nothing more complicated than a html imagemap, a trick from the 1990’s I assume). If some part of that brilliant idea could be brought to either Eog or Gthumb it would be brilliant, make it all about the people and it can be such a compelling feature and something I think users might get quite excited about. (Facebook integration would be one thing but I’m thinking of it more from the other direcation, to have a tagging system but to also have the ability to tag a specific block on a photo.)

    … tired … probably should have waited until tomorrow but this raw brain dump will have to do.

    Great work on EOG, and I look forward to playing with the python bindings and maybe tweaking a plugin or two.

  4. Just pick a reasonable side for the image collection pane and stick with it. (I thought GNOME had long abandoned useless settings like this. ;)

  5. Creative Commons License – it would be very useful to see the embedded license but also for the image author it would be useful to add or edit a license (I don’t know a way to add a license in my PNG/JPG files with tiehter GIMP or Inkscape).
    So if EOG can edit the files and add a watermark, then surely it can edit them and add license info.

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