GNOME Foundation Annual Report 2007 released!


In 2006, Dave Neary and others started this new tradition by producing the first GNOME Foundation annual report which has got very positive response from community. So, we decided to follow the new tradition by preparing the GNOME Foundation annual report 2007!

I’ve been slowly working on it for a few months with invaluable contributions from several people. The report is now available (1860 KB, PDF) in GNOME Foundation’s website.

We’ll soon send nice hard copies of the report to the Advisory Board members and existing GNOME event boxes. Our plan is to also print a bunch of extra copies to be used for promoting GNOME on events around the world. Feel free to request some copies for your local GNOME event.

This year, we chose as the printing service in order to allow us to easily print more copies on demand and to make it possible to anyone to order personal hard copies by just paying for the printing (the price goes 100% to, no revenues to GNOME Foundation). You can buy a hard copy of this report directly from here.

Many thanks to:

  • the writers: Federico Mena-Quintero, Sayamindu Dasgupta, Vincent Untz and Behdad Esfahbod;
  • the photographers: Frederic Crozat, Michael Dominic, Vincent Untz, Kushal Das, Juan Carlos Inostroza and Garrett LeSage;
  • the designer: Andreas Nilsson;
  • the text reviewers: Paul Cutler and Stephanie Watson;
  • the adviser: Dave Neary.

I hope you enjoy it!

Update 1: In the first paragraph, when I wrote “Last year”, I actually meant “In 2006”. I fixed this to add clarity. :-)

Update 2: The price for printing the report at doesn’t include any revenue to the GNOME Foundation! That’s the price of the printing service which goes 100% to! Yes, it’s relatively expensive.

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12 thoughts on “GNOME Foundation Annual Report 2007 released!”

  1. “directly from *here*.”

    The link points to the PDF again, so I guess it’s wrong.

  2. Thanks to everyone involved! This is really well put-together. Excellent work!

  3. InDesign again? Oh come on! Open Source software is capable of doing more than what you required!

  4. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
    Can you provide any insight as to why Adobe InDesign was used to produce this rather than one of the FOSS alternatives? Not trying to be argumentative. Just curious.
    Again, thank you!

  5. LOL. Sorry for the redundant question. See what happens when you fall asleep at the keyboard…

  6. Hope I didn’t sound too harsh (I was running low on battery). While I’m also a person which likes to use the right tool for the right purpose (may it be open source or not), I propose that you should make some hints to the designer about the possibility to use free software and maybe he’ll convert soon ;) And it would leave you with complete source for the report which you can actually open…

  7. My copy has just arrived – I think I’ve found a typo on page 18. Section “India”, first sentence it should state “has been in existence” as far as I know, although as you can see from my writing I’m not a native speaker so I may be wrong ;)

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