GTK+ meeting notes

We had a GTK+ meeting during the Guadec BoF days. It was a long and good discussion touching on many issues. Notes from the session can be found here. Hard to summarize, but some highlights:

  • There’s a lot of interest in adding a flow box / grid companion to our new list box widget, and also adding a model-view separation. Expect to see work on this next cycle
  • We’re starting to make progress on clutter integration. Things are happening, but may not be ready for the next cycle
  • 3.10 will have pretty complete hi-DPI support. Just waiting on cairo, now.

One thought on “GTK+ meeting notes”

  1. What is the status on event controllers? The notes does not say. Is it expected for next cycle or further out?

    GProperty and GSubprocess are both things I am looking forward to. Looks like next cycle will be really nice.

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