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Continuing my 3.12 recap, this post is about gnome-software. I’ve done much less work on it this cycle than the previous one. All the heavy lifting has been done by Richard. The one feature that I did add to gnome-software this cycle is app folder configuration.

GNOME SoftwareGNOME has been moving away from hierarchical menus for applications. It is problematic for many reasons. One problem is the need for a global, hierarchical classification (‘categories’) – the world is just not that simple, and applications don’t always fit into these predefined categories. Another problem is that menus don’t really scale beyond a single level of submenus or beyond more than 10-15 items per menu.   Not to mention that menus are hard to use on touch devices.

The transition from menus and categories to a scrollable grid for applications was pretty much complete in 3.10. But there is still some need for grouping of related applications, and this is where app folders come in. In 3.10, we provided predefined folders for ‘Utilities’ and ‘Sundry’.

In 3.12,  we are adding an easy way for users to create  their own folders.  We chose to add this feature in the application that always shows you a list of all installed applications anyway, gnome -software.

Installed appsThe alternative would be do implement this directly in the shell overview, but that would be pretty complicated, requiring either a selection mode or complex drag-and-drop, so we decided not to do this (at least for now).

Once you’ve selected the apps you want to group, you can select an existing folder in the ‘Add to Folder’ dialog:

Add to FolderOr you can click on the ‘+’ button to create a new folder:

New FolderOnce you have done this, the new dialog will show up in the GNOME shell overview:

OverviewAnd that’s all there is to this feature!

If you are not using gnome-software, the app folder configuration is also available via gsettings.  It is using relocatable schemas, so the required gsettings command-line looks a little different from the usual, and may be worth showing. First,

$ gsettings get folder-children
['Utilities', 'Sundry', 'Feet']

will show you the list of defined app folders. Then,

$ gsettings get apps
['dconf-editor.desktop', 'd-feet.desktop', 'devhelp.desktop']

will list the apps that are in the folder named ‘Feet’. The folder schema has a few more settings that you can explore or change with similar commands.

6 thoughts on “App folder configuration”

  1. You should use some sort of plugin to create a gallery of screenshots so that I can easily go back to the post. Or make links open in another tab.

  2. This looks pretty nifty. Will it be able to be saved onto the application launcher? I can see having the option of treeing out from there being useful for people who need access to their applications but are limited on screen realestate or don’t want to type too much.

  3. Is there also a way to remove apps from folders, and to remove folders altogether? From your screenshots, it looks like the answer is no. That would make the feature quite useless, to be honest.

    1. a remove button appears when you select an app thats in a folder. empty folders go away on their own

      1. Ah, nice.

        As an aside, will folder configuration be added to Alacarte, too? Or will Alacarte’s features eventually be absorbed by Gnome Software and/or Gnome Shell? Adding Folder configuration to Software splits the App launcher configuration between Alacarte and Software, which is a bit unfortunate.

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