A journey, with recipes

This month, we will release GNOME 3.24, and alongside, GNOME recipes will have its 1.0 release.

It has been quite a journey from just an idea at GUADEC last August to the application that we have now.

To the finish line

Since my last update, we have focused on completing our 1.0 goals. The last thing that we needed was to get enough contributed recipes to replace all the test data with actual content. And we’ve made it, thanks to the cooks in the GNOME community, we have plenty of great recipes now:

A few small features have still made their way in, despite the focus on polish. One thing I’ve played with is making appstream data useful inside the application itself, for showing ‘What’s New’ style information:

The timer support in cooking mode has seen quite a bit of improvement and polish.

I’ve also picked up my earlier experiment again, and built Recipes on OS X. This time, I got far enough to produce a dmg image:

A useful by-product of this effort was a number of bug fixes for the GTK+ Quartz backend, such as working fullscreen and window functions.

What next ?

1.0 will not be the end of the road for Recipes. There’s a number of exciting features on the post-1.0 roadmap.

For the next leg of the journey, we will welcome some Outreachy interns who will help us to add useful functionality, from unit conversion to shopping list export.

13 thoughts on “A journey, with recipes”

  1. Does the app include an option in the Preferences to only ever show vegan recipes? If not, this app would be no use to me.

    Or does it at least label recipes that are not vegan / vegetarian / halal / kosher / etc? – for the same reason that Software labels non-Free software.

    If not, then I think anyone who has a moral or religious objection to what other people consider to be food would worry about putting Gnome in front of kids now that this app is included.

    1. We have categories for vegan and vegetarian recipes, and you can search by dietary restrictions as well.

      There are no preferences currently

  2. Everything looks very pixelated in the macOS screenshot, is HiDPI not supported properly on that GTK+ target?

    1. I didn’t get around to investigate that. There are deprecation warnings around scale factors, so maybe it broke…

    2. Maybe NSHighResolutionCapable for the bundle isn’t set?

      Last time I checked gtk+/HiDPI worked fine.

  3. Is there any other app is going to show up next cycle? Or you will focus on recipes?

  4. I like that you make the appstream data useful inside the application itself for showing ‘What’s New’ style information. This should be integrated in every Gnome App.

  5. First off, great job on Recipes. Great to see that new tools keep coming to Gnome like Maps and Recipes, which i believe are the 2 newest additions. They look great!

    I’m currently working on a GTK+ app and I wanted to ask about .DMG packaging since I’m having some trouble with putting the style sheets and icon resources as well as libraries in the right location in the .app folder. Is ther e any writeup on how to distribute GTK+ apps that covers all of this?

  6. Well just thought it might be useful to mention that i’m having really bad performance issues with the ‘Recipes” view, both scrolling and resizing. (Intel GPU, latest stable releases of drivers, flatpak build (0.10.0-34-g183b6b7), both X and Wayland)

    P.S please don’t ask me to search and/or create an issue in a mess Bugzilla is…

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