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My Sister Loreto is in Chile for this month, is been a long time since her last visit. She was totally surprised to see the new things that are building in our City of Santiago, new Metro lines, some new highways, etc, and well some new streets are totally unrecognizable, like the “Paradero 14” of Vicuña Mackenna, she was astonished when she saw the park in which we played when we were children’s transformed into the Metro station of Quilín, that’s sad, but you know, is the price that we need to pay for the progress…


drink what?!


The last friday i went with my dad to do some stuffs and we leaved our car next to the Metro station of Ñuble, when we come back to the station to pickup the car, guess what… the car wasn’t there. We walk across the street to watch it, maybe we park it in other place, but no, the car was stoled. yeah we did all the denounces and all that, so right now we can only wait for news about it, hope they will be good.


Everything can’t be bad, I’ve found a new job, for now i can’t talk too much about it, but, is a really good place to work.

GNOME Reunion at UCentral

The past saturday we held the ninth GNOME reunion in the ucentral which is located in our lovely city of Santiago, I’m really happy to see again a couple of assistants of the past reunion, as i far i know some of them are already contributing doing some translations. Before we start i gave a small trip by GNOME 2.12 and show them the new characteristics of our dear project.

Some attenders

Sadly i can’t stay until the end of the reunion, because i had a couple of things to do, sorry guys. oh yeah and one exhibitor didn’t attend and even turn off his cell phone, dude you know the meaning of “responsibility”?, i guess not. Ok so Maybe the next reunion will be hosted at Concepción i don’t know when but soon, stay tuned!.

Horst von Brand talking about his experience with Free Software Development.

meetings here and there

Everything is going great for celebrate the next GNOME Meeting (or RFDG like some people want to call) in Santiago, The Universidad Central has offered to be the host, thanks guys you are awesome. So if you want to present your application, to talk about something that you feel would be interesting, learn about GNOME development or just share with us, come to the reunion, I guess we are going to have free sopaipillas or something like that.

cowardly friends

cowardly friends…

I really hope to see this time some lazy people that doesn’t like to travel to Santiago :-). My friend Diego told me that we can organize something in his Institute, where the last year we held the Third Meeting, and Fabian (which still doesn’t give me the tomatoes) have some news from the Universidad de Concepción, so we have like two meetings to confirm, yay!.

Oh yeah and I can’t read my email, the mail server is damaged (again), the web interface doesn’t work and the IMAP is closed…


The past Saturday we held our GNOME Meeting in Santiago, everything was quite good and entertained, there was a bunch of attenders, people were friendly and happy, for me was quite pleasant to be able to share with some old friends, like Fabian and his kindly girlfriend Andrea (guys you owe me a box of tomatoes!), and I had the opportunity to met some nice people that I only knew through the Internet. Thanks again UDLA!

Some attenders

Sadly we had to start like an hour late, because the guy who made the contact with the university woke up late…, dude PLEASE buy a good alarm clock or two.

The Rocket!”

After the reunion we went to a bar called ShopDog, the one located in Providencia, we had a nice talk, ate some “Empanadas” and drank the cool beer, i had to leave the bar early, because my brother and his family was in the city and I wanted to share with him, so we went to buy some food for the dinner and had a pleasant family dinner in my home.

Here we go again

The Saturday 6 of August we are going to hold the third GNOME Meeting of this year in the dependencies of the “Universidad de las Americas” located in Republica 71, Santiago. If you want to learn about GNOME developing, documentation, translation, etc, come on and join us!

It has been decided to change the name of the meeting from RFHG to RFDG due to the “bad press”. I don’t know if is a good change, when the journalists interviewed us, we clarified the doubts they had about the meeting and especially about the “Hacker” terminology that they tend to confuse, of course we took advantage of the instance to promote GNOME and the Meeting, so we had something that people called “bad press”, but I guess it was “press anyways”. The new name isn’t really hot, but I hope that after the meeting we have a new fresh and hottest name.

we want some of that

The European Parliament has throw out the software patents, this is really cool and is an issue that in Latin America we should care about. I hope that the Chilean politicians worry about these kinds of things instead of fighting each
other. For sure the recent visit of Lawrence Lessig , will help a lot in this aspect.

andres doing what he do best