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Monday, January 21st, 2008
  • czech republic: found out a few things about myself (i should continue that in 2008), for example that i am able to share my room with somebody (i had expected me to look for a flat on my own after three weeks, but my roommate was just too friendly) and in general that i can get along in another country quite well. also spending time with people from all other the world is serious fun, with regard to both partying and discussing about cultural differences or even politics. and i’m quite sure there’s no better club than crossclub.
  • holidays: we had one of the best holiday trips ever by just taking a car and driving west.
  • soccer: i’m still a proud member of the teheran isotopes, a wonderful soccer team. thanks guys for lots of fun!
  • new year’s presents:
    (french:) je remercie #gnomefr pour me faire cadeau d’un t-shirt très chic (crevette, je t’aime!) est une disque compacte avec de la musique allemande (vuntz, je t’aime aussi et à partir de maintenant, nous pouvons l’accompagner ensemble et à haute voix).
    (english translation:) i’ve spent the last days on observing behdad to find out when he leaves for work. i broke into his apartment and stole his favourite yellow t-shirt and his mouse. behdad, i have really seen apartments in a much better state than yours (see the attached picture i took there). thanks so much to crevette for sending it to behdad so i could steal it there! ;-)
    vuntz also seems to be busy sending presents. i surprisingly received some german music that he loves to sing while eating icecream, thank you too! seems i like #gnomefr more and more! and thanks nokia for a cute internet tablet to play with (it unfortunately does not work with the university wifi because of missing ttls-pap support).
  • gnome: again annual #1 bug closer, perhaps time to look out for new challenges. had a 2007 guadec talk (also something i should do more often). the nice thing about social communities is when you meet physically when travelling – thanks to pvanhoof, mcrha and matĕj for spending some time together when i was around!
  • music: (parental advisory: don’t click links if you may dislike contents.) mp3s: beside my old time favourite crystal, i think this was my heavy rotation for 2007: rihanna: umbrella, lupe fiasco: kick push, justin timberlake: my love, jan delay: klar, k.i.z.: pogen, vypsaná fixa: lunapark. live shows: ignite (probably concerts #20-#22), rise against, k.i.z. (laughed till my tears ran down my cheeks), f.r., freundeskreis. remember, music will be always there, even if everything else gets broken.

that short-term-thinking disease.

Friday, January 18th, 2008
  • GHOP tasks: so far we have at least 59 fixed bugs by GHOP students (in fact it’s much more, but i’m too lazy to tag them in bugzilla). congratulations to all participating students and their mentors!
    a few maintainers have been very active adding tasks (i’d especially like to thank the people behind gthumb, deskbar-applet, totem, online-desktop, anjuta and a few more projects for adding tasks), but most folks i talked to said “naah, no time”. can understand that – mentoring a student takes time, but some of our GHOP students are definitely interested in long-term contributing. and some of those students that cannot find a task because no unclaimed tasks exist are probably also interested in long-term contributing, but we lose these opportunities.
  • GNOME Goals: same here, there’s no momentum to get that stuff worked out… the PoLinguas goal is only waiting for the non-answering gparted maintainer to review (the rest of the modules is harder to work out), and the PoptGOption goal is only waiting for patches for Evolution, bonoboui and gnome-python and the unresponsive gnopernicus folks. i’m sometimes impressed by the ignorance even of maintainers of small modules that it takes years and several pings to get such simple patches in. maintainers may say “naah, no time, more important stuff to work on”. can understand – small goals also take time. i just wonder how attractive the GNOME platform can be towards contributors or potential investors if you don’t clean up your codebase. i’m curious how long it will take until we can finally stop to ship deprecated gnome-vfs and libgnomeprint*. probably ages.
  • release notes: we had bad press for 2.18, and we had bad release notes. we had good press for 2.20, and we had good release notes. surprise? the earlier you start working on cute release notes, the better the text and the (number of) screenshots can be. you need input from the maintainers for that, and nagging every single maintainer takes time. GNOME has a roadmap for that, and the maintainers shall update it with the module features and also plans for 2.24, now that we have reached 2.22 feature freeze. some maintainers will say “naah, no time”. can understand – refelecting on the important stuff you’ve added in the past months takes time. but the release notes are the most crucial thing GNOME has to manage in six months. if the notes suck, then the GNOME release will suck (at least according to the press). journalists will not just wait to see for themselves and spend their time on running 2.22 to write an article about it two weeks after everybody else has written about it. and don’t even mention sneak previews that we don’t have the volunteers for.

the way to 2.22.

Friday, January 11th, 2008


the latest list of GNOME 2.22 showstoppers is out:

  • Epiphany:
    • prompt service + tabs fix:accoding to chpe this is a must-fix for any release supporting xulrunner 1.9, so to be on the safe side this should get done for 2.22.
  • Evolution
    • crash in camel_certdb_save at camel-certdb.c:371:
      142 dups total, 9 in the last 30 days.
      Crash when writing the certificates database. This seems to be not Fedora specific (see comment #119) and to still happen with 2.12 (comment #134), so it’s not Fedora-only. Any help to reproduce this (see comment 67 and 69 for flags) appreciated.
    • Error “Summary and folder mismatch, even after a sync”:
      87 dups total, 10 in the last 30 days.
      Sankar works on a workaround to silently resync the folder summary, without displaying a confusing error message to the user. this will hopefully be included in 2.21.90.
  • Gnome-Panel
    • crash in gtk_rc_reset_styles() [2.18 only?]:
      866 dups total, all of them 2.18.
      Vincent said “it’s really unfixable if no developer can reproduce it”, so if anybody wants to help out, please provide the relevant SElinux log for vuntz, and the value of the gconf key /desktop/gnome/font_rendering.
  • Gedit
    • crash trying to print [2.18 only?]:
      115 dups total, 6 in the last 30 days.
      There has not been a single 2.20 report so far, can anybody still reproduce this? Paolo said that they will try to migrate to gtk-print in time for 2.22 which would obsolete this bug.
  • Gnome-Applet
  • Gnome-Media
  • Gtk+
    • Can’t click button after setting it sensitive:
      There are several reviewed and criticized patches attached. Cody recently commented the exact state of this and what has to be still worked out to provide the perfect(TM) patch. Help to get this in before GNOME 2.22 appreciated.
    • File save dialog deletes/empties filename when changing directory:
      In gtk+’s file chooser save dialog, the file name sometimes get deleted and must be manually entered which is quite annoying. This bug is not easily reproducible, but Olle Bergkvist investigated, created a testcase (comment 21) and plans to come up with a patch here.

another one i had forgotten to add to the original mail: only fer can tell about its current status, but if we do not get this worked out for 2.22, i expect GNOME to lose feedback. some reports have already gone to c.g.o instead of, but without having debug information of distros, c.g.o cannot decode the data.

stacktrace crasher bugs.

additionally, as we will get into more freezes, it makes sense to fix crashers.
there are currently 193 bugs with the keyword ‘STACKTRACE’ set (which means “decent stacktrace available) and with GNOME version 2.19-2.21 set (Bug list).
wanna hack? it lists bugs from anjuta, at-spi, bonobo, dasher, dia, eel, empathy, eog, epiphany, evince, evolution/e-d-s/e-exchange/gtkhtml, file-roller, gamin, gconf, gdm, glib, gnome-applets, gnome-control-center, gnome-media, gnome-mount, gnome-panel, gnome-power-manager, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs, gtk+, gvfs, nautilus, pango, rhythmbox, system-monitor, totem, tracker, vino, vte.
if only a few of these crashes get fixed, GNOME 2.22 users will have a more stable desktop and a better user experience. if the stacktrace is not enough information to get it fixed, add a comment and set the bug to needinfo. these are the reports that are useful for us, these are the reports from people that do have debug packages installed. i’d of course especially like to see contributions for those modules that lack manpower, like nautilus and gtk+. the end of a release cycle is always a good time to fix nasty crashers. get it stable!

Staatliche Überwachung und Kontrolle.

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Ein frohes neues Jahr und herzlich willkommen im Polizeistaat (Einen Staat, der mit der Erklärung, er wolle Straftaten verhindern, seine Bürger ständig überwacht, kann man als Polizeistaat bezeichnen). War erfreut zu hören, daß die Verfassungsbeschwerde zur Vorratsdatenspeicherung nun bei Bundesverfassungsgericht vorliegt und hoffe mal auf baldige Entscheidung (bzw. Entscheid über Nichtzuständigkeit und Verweis an Europäische Instanzen, was ich ja eher erwarte). Heute ein interessantes Gespräch des Deutschlandfunks mit Juli Zeh zum Themenkomplex Privatsphäre (vom literarischen Mal jetzt mal abgesehen scheint sie mir eine Juristin zu sein, die fähig ist die Sachverhalte und Hintergrundmotivationen recht verständlich und anschaulich auszudrücken) im aus verfassungsrechtlicher Sicht lesenswerten annalist-Blog vorgefunden (politisch kann man ja anderer Meinung sein). Und was ich mich dann immer frage: Wäre es mit Schwarz-Gelb auch so gekommen, oder hätten die Liberalen (und da denke ich vorwiegend an Leute wie Hirsch oder Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger) wirklich die Eier gehabt sich für meine Bürgerrechte so einzusetzen, wie sie und die ganzen anderen Oppositionsparteien es gerade immer so laut und gerne rufen (denn Opposition ist ja immer einfach)? Wer weiß… Zumindest werden mir durch das langweilige Mindestlohnthema und das Desinteresse am Verteidigen meiner Bürgerrechte Bussi Beck und die SPD zunehmend unsympathischer (was jetzt generell nicht heißen soll, daß ich in den letzten Jahren mit irgendeiner Partei allzugroß sympathisiert hätte). Disclaimer: Der kleine tumbe BWLer in meinem Kopf sagt mir zudem, daß man sich nicht allzu politisch in seinem Blog äußern solle, denn damit gingen schließlich die Bewerbungschancen bei einigen Personalleitern zurück. Ich allerdings erwarte von meinen zukünftigen Arbeitgebern, daß Sie fähig sind, Berufliches und Privates zu trennen, daß wird ja schließlich von mir auch erwartet. Der Rest kann sich dann den halben Tag durch die Partyfotos auf StudiVZ durchklicken, viel Spaß dabei.

“Free Culture” von Lawrence Lessig durchgelesen (für mein sonstiges Buchleseverhalten sogar recht schnell). Lessig beschreibt schlüssig, verständlich und geschichtlich fundiert wie eine ganze Generation kriminalisiert wird und das in früheren Jahrzehnten vorhandene Recht auf die Erschaffung abgeleiteter Werke abgeschafft wird (der gesamte Erfolg von Konzernen wie Disney basiert nun einmal auf dem Verarbeiten von Werken anderer), wie Kultur immer mehr durch Staat und Konzerne kontrolliert wird, indem suggeriert wird, dass Intellectual Property gleichzusetzen wäre mit physikalischen Eigentumsrechten, was noch nie zuvor der Fall war. Eine 20minütige unterhaltsame Einleitung bietet z.B. Lessigs TED-Vortragsvideo. Ich habe mich in 2007 einige Male mit Menschen unterhalten, die wirklich glaubten, dass Privatkopien illegal seien. Ich sehe, wie Videos aus dem Netz genommen werden müssen, weil in ihnen für einen Bruchteil einer Sekunde ein durch Urheberrechte geschütztes Bild auftaucht, und die Erzeuger verklagt werden. Und das bedrückt mich dann nun mal doch, so sehr ich mein Urheberrecht, was ich eher als Pesönlichkeitsrecht denn als Eigentumsrecht betrachte, doch schätze.