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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

It’s been a great year with lots of interesting changes (e.g. job and SO).
Christmas was a good time to reflect. I’m very thankful to God for my life, and to my family and old & new friends for all the good discussions and talks I had.
But as I love music, grew up with MTV (those early nineties when they actually played video clips) and hence am unable to read long books or concentrate on anything that takes longer than 4 minutes I won’t write much lines but prefer to list those songs in alphabetic order that I listened to a lot in 2008.

My private soundtrack – it reminds me of some moods I was in. (Warning: Explicit lyrics and/or video content. And it’s really about the sound – some of the video clips are quite bad.)

Peter Fox: Alles neu / Amanda Jenssen: Amarula tree / Joy division: Atmosphere / Brett Anderson: Blessed / New order: Blue monday / Vypsaná fiXa: Darling / The knife: Heartbeat / CLP feat. Tunde Olaniran: I’m so trill / MIA.: Mausen / Einstürzende Neubauten: Nagorny Karabach / M.I.A.: Paperplanes / Ignite: Poverty for all / Glen Hansard: Say it to me now / Klub des loosers: Sous le signe du V / The gossip: Standing in the way of control / Justice: Stress / Chemical brothers: The test / Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: Thou shalt always kill / MGMT: Time to pretend

VF. / Heimat.

Sunday, December 28th, 2008


Rausfahren aufs Land, dort wo das städtische Busticket nicht mehr gilt (was der Busfahrer nur mit Augenbrauenanheben und einer lässigen Handbewegung in Richtung Businnenraum quittiert), in ein Kaff mit 5185 Einwohnern. Dort finden sich dann 800 Leute für ein Konzert ein, und für eine Poprock-Band war ich sehr erfreut über den harten Moshpit vorne, die Vielzahl der daran beteiligten Damen, und die hohe Anzahl an stagedivenden Mädels (sogar auf dem Bauch). Emanzipation? Und nach drei Zugaben dann auch alle Lieder gespielt, auf die ich gewartet hatte. Was will man mehr, außer dann an der Bushaltestelle einzusehen daß ein Bus zurück in die Stadt nachts nur alle zwei Stunden fährt?


Neben der Landschaft gibt es einen weiteren Grund die Heimat zu mögen, der mir heute auf dem Hin- und Rückweg zum Aufladen zweier Fuder Holz wieder einmal aufgefallen ist: In Lippe ist es einfach gängig, bei Gegenverkehr zu überholen, und das weiß auch jeder. Nur die Auswärtigen auf den Straßen stellen dabei die Gefahr dar. ;-)


Takže… PF 2009!

Voting for reports in Bugzilla

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Explaining how to Vote for a bug report, as I’ve read a few complaints in ITt and in private mail.
Voting is helpful to identify the main issues that the Internet Tablet users and community members have.

Log in to Bugzilla and go to your favourite enhancement request or bug report. For this example I’ve chosen bug 1693.
Click on “Vote for this bug”.
This will bring up a page displaying all of your votes. Now enable the checkbox next to “Enter New Vote here” and click on “Change My Votes”.
That’s all. Of course you can also change your existing votes.


Yes, also from my point of view the User Interface is a bit confusing, hence blogging about this.
For a related discussion on how to handle feature requests see the ITt thread.

Watching products in Bugzilla

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Every component in Bugzilla has a default QA contact (a virtual email address with the suffix @maemo.bugs, not completely implemented for Website bugs though, but finished for software bugs). To find the corresponding address for a component, go to the overview page, click on a product, and get the list of its components and its Default QA contacts.

Yesterday and today I fixed the mail settings for these virtual accounts (about 80% of these accounts had mail delivery completely deactivated). Now any changes to a bug report in component X will always send an email to X’s Default QA contact, now for all the software components we manage in Bugzilla.

Why is that useful?

Because it makes it easy to watch bug reports in components that you are interested in, e.g. if you are a developer or a triager.
Log in to Maemo Bugzilla, go to your Mail Preferences, scroll down to “User Watching”, and add the Default QA contact’s email address to your watchlist. Now you will receive all bugmail about all changes to any reports of a specific component.

While doing this, I’ve seen that some folks were and are subscribed to QA contacts that had mail delivery deactivated. This means that a few community members and Nokians will suddenly receive a lot more bugmail than before, and maybe about components they are not interested in anymore. To fix this it’s the same as above: Edit your Watchlist and remove the stuff you are not interested in. Nevertheless expecting a few complaints on Monday when checking my mailbox (I’m off for this Friday). ;-)

Enjoy. reorganization done.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I’ve spent this Saturday on reorganizing the structure in Maemo Bugzilla (this was planned for several weeks). From my point of view, it will make it much easier to add future components/products without cluttering too much. For interested Nokia developers, it should be easier to track bugs (by e.g. adding the virtual QA contact to one’s email watchlist) because the new components fit better to the working areas of internal software teams. For the reporter, it’s hopefully easier because we e.g. gave the Home applets and the Utilities explicitly their own components.
Making it easier both for bug reporters to find the right product/component and for developers to track their components is like trying to square the circle, but I think we have a good compromise here.
I’ve also introduced a category named “X-Graveyard” which includes the “product” “X-Discontinued”. Stuff that is not shipped/not worked on anymore will end up here – less clutter in queries and products.

General progress

The decreasing numbers in Stephen’s weekly Bug Jars have already shown the nice progress we’ve been making in cleaning up two years of mostly ignored bug reports, though I must admit that a good part of the reports that were closed are either unfortunately “WONTFIX” or “FIXED for Fremantle, but not in Diablo”. This is not the perfect solution from a Diablo user point of view (and has led to some discussions and complaints), but I prefer to honestly forward this Nokia feedback (and receive some flames, though I’m not the one making these decisions actually) instead of continuing to just ignore the reports. You too, probably. :-P

Stats showing the Clean up progress

As you know I forward “valuable” reports (good steps to reproduce, tested with the latest public version) to Nokia’s internal bug tracking system, hence it’s interesting for me to see how many reports exist that do not have an internal reference yet. (Development platform bugs are handled in Maemo Bugzilla only so they don’t count here.) You can help reducing that number by taking a bug report that does not have an internal reference yet, reproducing it with the latest version and adding a comment about this. Even if it’s only one bug – it helps improving Maemo.