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2014 that was.

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014


Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Tea, Cake, Research and Hardcore.

Tea, Cake, Research. Hardcore invisible.

2014: Plans.

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Studying bug management

To my disappointment my university seems to have no expertise available to mentor a diploma thesis about best practices and common problems in open source bug management. After ten years of working in this field there are quite some open questions I’d like to see answered and after reading lots of scientific papers and books I yet have to find one covering the many aspects and personas involved, so why not write it?
I plan to do some case study research across FLOSS projects (and I’m thankful to Mr Riehle of the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg who pointed out a good resource explaining how to properly do this).

If you are by any chance a teacher at a German university and could imagine to mentor such a thesis, please feel free to contact me.

Wikimedia Bugzilla

This is worth a separate blog post soon, so for the time being I just point to my task list and status updates for the latest achievements. I also plan to attend FOSDEM which has a dedicated wiki track this year!


There is a documentation hackfest at the end of this month and I hope to work on the Evolution user docs which I maintain, followed by attending FOSDEM in Brussels and DevConf in Brno.


I plan to spend quite some time in Chennai this year by visiting several times. Drop me a line if you live there and would like to discuss Wikimedia, GNOME, or bug management!


Sunday, September 1st, 2013


Ich kann nicht sagen dass ich die Piratenpartei gut fände. Aber ich kann sagen, dass ich sämtliche anderen Optionen noch enttäuschender finde, speziell wenn die Bundeskanzlerin mal geschworen hat Schaden vom Volke abzuwenden, nur um dann keinerlei Meinung zum massenweisen Abhören besagten Volkes durch ausländische Geheimdienste zu haben, und die anderen Parteien zu dem Thema ja auch nicht ernsthaft etwas zu sagen haben.
Da ist mir mein Grundgesetz dann doch zu lieb.

Kaffee, Südfrüchte, Butter.

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Vielleicht machen das die Geschäfte und Supermärkte im politischen Westen ja auch und es ist mir nur noch nie aufgefallen: Ist in diesem Lande eine Ware ausverkauft, so wird das die Ware auszeichnende Schildchen (“Butter: 30 Kronen”) entfernt oder einfach ein weißes Stück Papier darübergeklemmt, und die angrenzenden Waren im Regal rücken auf magische Art und Weise ein wenig zusammen, um die Lücke zu schließen. Wohl ein Relikt aus den Zeiten vor der Samtenen Revolution. Ausverkauft gibt’s hier also nicht, und ich würde mich nicht wundern wenn auf Nachfrage das Produkt unbekannt wäre, nur damit es einige Tage später plötzlich wieder im Regal läge. Marktwirtschaft und so.

Občan K.: Questioning identity.

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Two days ago the documentary “Občan K.” by artist group Ztohoven (homepage; Wikipedia article) was released.
“Občan K.” translates to “Citizen K” but “občanka” is also the colloquial Czech word for an ID card – the plastic card issued by most states to identify its citizens, currently without biometrical data here. I’ve liked previous actions by Ztohoven and went to the vernissage (opening) of the Občan K. exhibition which is also covered in the movie.

Several group members applied for new ID cards (by pretending to have lost the old one) for another group member and brought photographies of their head morphed with the photo of the other member to end up with two identities each, plus each identity existing twice. They married, got pilot’s and gun licenses, used bank accounts, traveled on planes and took part in elections using the wrong identity in order to question the concept of identity in general and to challenge the system’s reliance on data. The aforementioned exhibition was quickly shut down, the ID cards got confuscated and one member was arrested, but in the end no law could be applied to fine (however Czech authorities now take the photo for identity documents themselves I was told) which unfortunately means that the legality of the marriage and other actions never got challenged in court (so far).

I once also owned an ID card issued by the authorities with wrong data on it (not a wrong or altered photo though). Booking flights or passing border controls obviously was no problem as there was nothing obviously wrong, but using this ID card in combination with other cards with correct data led to problems: “These are two different persons, you have to sort this out with the respective authorities first”, as the police told me back then. In the end I had to get a birth certificate to prove who I am.

So if you somehow get the change to watch this movie: It’s worth the absurd situations and questions that it raises.

Publishing and writing text

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
  • It’s old news and Henri and others already covered it but I would also like to recommend this nice lecture: Lydia Pintscher published Open Device – FOSS: What we wish we had known when we started at this year’s FOSDEM conference! Get the book or the PDF on!
  • Allan, Olav and me wrote the GNOME 3.4 release notes. Hope you like the outcome! I also helped a bit with the Czech translation of them.
  • Three weeks ago I spent an afternoon to update the GNOME Evolution user documentation for the latest version (3.4).
    Afterwards I declared it string frozen so translators know that they will not waste time translating stuff that might change again. Maybe I should evaluate if freezing actually has any positive effort – so far I don’t think it has, however this module is so big that I understand if translators are reluctant to translate it.
  • According to German state law you can get hold of your final Abitur school exam after waiting for ten years.
    As I am always surprised what people on the interwebs consider useful I published it (unfortunately in German language only). It is an analysis of Gustav Mahler‘s “Kindertotenlieder (“Songs on the Death of Children”) which were written by Friedrich Rückert. There are Youtube videos out there if you want to get an impression.

Random recent photos.

Monday, March 5th, 2012

GNOME Documentation hackfest team and venue in Brno:

Brno Hackfest

Same folks wondering how to use the “Documents” application:

Brno Hackfest

KDE 4.8 Prague Release Party Cake. Congrats to the KDE team:

KDE 4.8 Release Party

One installation of the “Middle East Europe” exhibition at DOX:

KDE 4.8 Release Party


Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Kalte Schnauze and toilet seats.

Kalte SchnauzeToilet seat

Myštet: Machácame

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

My girls (as in “flatmates”) finally released their first music video.

I am unable to embed it (WordPress and HTML5 don’t seem to be the best friends yet) so I just link to it on Youtube. Enjoy!