GNOME 3 released!

Nine years after GNOME 2 we released GNOME 3 today.


It is a different way to do things, and that is intended. GNOME 3 is not GNOME 2. It’s a new concept.

Check the release notes and our videos for more info, and try it out on a live CD/USB stick.

Glad to see the first positive reviews already and flowers.

There’s way more good and new stuff around, for example the new website design, or providing quick coding introductions in several programming languages, or a new release of the GNOME Journal providing some more background info on GNOME 3.

And we’ll be having a release party in Prague/CZ on Saturday in case you’re around. Or check the full list of release parties to find one near your place and take a camera with you.

Enjoy GNOME 3, made of awesome. Celebrate and party, folks!

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  1. liberforce says:

    Thank you Andre for your constant nagging of developpers which contributed a lot to make this release possible and clean!

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