GNOME 3 Release Party in Prague

Last weekend we had a GNOME 3 Launch party in Prague (CZ) that was attended by 60 to 70 people.

Some GNOME 3 flash disks provided by Red Hat were available for folks interested to test, and some interesting talks (list of talks) were given.

There is a bunch of photos available, and for those speaking Czech there are also some reports of it online, like here or here.

As far as I know the videos of the talks are also expected to go online soon®.

Big thanks to the organizers and to Silicon Hill and AVC for the support, and beside the usual suspects it was particularly great to finally meet Petr Kovář and Marek Černocký in person (both of Czech translation team fame).

So how have your GNOME 3 release parties been?

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2 Responses to GNOME 3 Release Party in Prague

  1. Cyro Nogueira says:

    No girls. Pretty nice.

  2. aklapper says:

    @Cyro: Not true, plus you can even see that on the photo…

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