MozCamp Europe 2011

MozCamp 2011

Last weekend I attended MozCamp Europe in Berlin. I was mostly interested in discussing and learning about QA, Support/Documentation and Localization.

Most interesting talk for me was Robert Kaiser’s “Crash Investigation 101” covering the infrastructure behind, interaction with Mozilla’s bugtracker, some statistical data (2-3 million received reports per day for Firefox, processing 10-15% provides a relevant data sample), and crash reasons (more than 50% of reported issues have nothing to do with the codebase but instead with Flash, Add-Ons, or Malware).

I was also impressed by the infrastructure on Page access statistics for each article (issues that are popular might imply required UI improvements), combined with a “Was this article helpful? [Yes] [No]” at the end of every article: if the “Yes” percentage suddenly drops it implies that the article is not correct anymore and needs an overhaul.

Small nitpicking: Next time I would not recommend scheduling about 13 BOFs / Work Sprints for one 90min slot on a Sunday evening (people leaving for flights) – I was not the only BoF host who had only one attendee. Maybe have at least two slots and find a better time?

I’d like to thank Mozilla for the invitation and the interesting conversations that I had with community members.

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