File Browsers

Early on in the Builder development road-map, I discussed how I didn’t want to use a GtkTreeView for a sidebar (or much of a sidebar at all). But everything changes when you need to ship software.

I’ve been working on some ideas for a replacement file browser based on some immature designs. But at the moment, they are very much just that. Ideas.

For those who have jhbuild installs, I’d love for you to try Builder’s “wip/path-bar” branch. It’s not an accurately named branch, but oh well. In particular, try the “tests/test-stack-list” program and see how you like it from a usability standpoint. Everything has trade-offs, and I’d like to inform myself before pushing further on the design.

cd tests
make test-stack-list

You can watch a video of what it looks like if you don’t have a Builder checkout. Sorry for the youtube link, I don’t want to host the bandwidth. Alternatively, the following works.

totem “hacks on a plane-GYox__Wwatg.mp4”