Builder 3.24 Beta 2

Our next beta is out the door and ready for your testing. Please do me a solid and help us test and shake out bugs. It’s pretty easy to install these days.

flatpak install --user --from
flatpak run org.gnome.Builder

More installation options can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Builder 3.24 Beta 2”

  1. I’ve tested Builder from flatpak version and it is failing not just for Vala but for C, it seems no support is installed in SDK.

    Output message: 17: exit: Illegal number: 1git
    You need to install the ‘’ script (usually part of the gnome-common package)

    Do I need to file a bug report?

    1. Always file bugs, yes.

      We don’t build inside the flatpak container (which does actually have We build on either the host, jhbuild, or inside a flatpak runtime. If you are building using your host instead of a GNOME SDK, then you’ll need to make sure your system has the appropriate tooling installed.

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