Builder GTK 4 Porting, Part VI

Short update this week given last Monday was Memorial Day in the US. I had a lovely time relaxing in the yard and running errands with my wife Tenzing. We’ve been building such a beautiful home together that it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy it from time to time.

A picture of my yardA picture of me


  • Merged some work on debug features for testing RTL vs LTR from Builder. There is a new GTK_DEBUG=invert-text-dir to allow rudimentary testing with alternate text directions.


  • Landed a new clone design using libadwaita.
  • Fixed rendering of symbolic icons in the gutter for diagnostics, etc
  • Fixed error underlines for spellcheck when dealing with languages where the glyph baseline may change
  • Added a new IdeVcsCloneRequest which can do most of the clone work so the UI bits can be very minimal.
  • Added interfaces to allow for retrieving a list of branches on a remote before you’ve cloned it. Useful to help selecting an initial branch, but do to how libgit2 works, we have to create a temporary directory to make it work (and then unlink it). Handy nonetheless.
  • Make gnome-builder --clone work again.
  • Make cloning newcomer applications automatically work again.
  • Made a lot of our popover’s use menu styling, despite being backed by GListModel and GtkListView.
  • Even more menuing cleanups. Amazing how each pass of this really tends to clarify things from a user perspective.
  • Made all of the editor menu buttons in the statusbar functional now.
  • New gsetting and preference toggle to set default license for new projects.
  • A new IdeWebkitPage page implementation which is a very rudimentary web-browser. This will end up being re-used by the html-preview, markdown-preview, and sphinx plugins.
  • Removed the glade plugin
  • Fixed presentation of clang completion items.

I’m pretty satisfied with the port of the cloning workflow, but it really needs to have a PTY plumbed through to the peer process so we can get better/more complete information. We’ll see if there is time before 43 though given how much else there is to get done.

All of this effort is helping me get a more complete vision of what I’d like to see out of a GTK 5. Particularly as we start attacking things from a designer tooling standpoint.

A screenshot of Builder with an integrated web-browser
A screenshot of Builder with the clone dialog choosing a branch to clone
A screenshot of Builder with the clone dialog