GJS plugins for libpeas-2.0

One of the main features I want to land for the libpeas-2.0 ABI break is support for plugins in JavaScript.

With the right set of patches, you can get that. Thanks to Philip Chimento, GJS will hopefully soon land support for running code in a SpiderMonkey realm. Philip also did us a solid and wrote the code to exfiltrate enough GType information from an imported JavaScript module. That allows libpeas to correlate which GTypes are provided by a plugin.

With the GJS realm support in place, we can land the new GJS loader for libpeas-2.0.

My personal goal for this is to enable JavaScript-based plugins in GNOME Builder. With how much GJS has improved over the years to support GNOME Shell, it is probably our most-maintained language binding for a dynamic language with modern JIT features.

For example, if you wanted to make an addin in Builder which responded to changes of a file within the editor, you might write something like this as your plugin. Keep in mind I’m not a JavaScript developer and GJS developers may tell you there are fancy new language features you can use to simplify this code further.

import GObject from 'gi://GObject';
import Ide from 'gi://Ide';

export var TestBufferAddin = GObject.registerClass({
    Implements: [Ide.BufferAddin],
}, class TestBufferAddin extends GObject.Object {

    vfunc_language_set(buffer, language_id) {
        print('language set to', language_id);

    vfunc_file_loaded(buffer, file) {
        print(file.get_uri(), 'loaded');

    vfunc_save_file(buffer, file) {
        print('before saving buffer to', file.get_uri());

    vfunc_file_saved(buffer, file) {
        print('after buffer saved to', file.get_uri());

    vfunc_change_settled(buffer) {
        print('spurious changes have settled');

    vfunc_load(buffer) {
        print('load buffer addin');

    vfunc_unload(buffer) {
        print('unload buffer addin');

    vfunc_style_scheme_changed(buffer) {
        let scheme = buffer.get_style_scheme();
        print('style scheme changed to', scheme ? scheme.get_id() : scheme);

You can easily correlate that to the IdeBufferAddin interface definition.