Toby is Recovering in ER ICU

Normally I’m posting about code here, but for the past two weeks most of my time has been spent taking care of our 4 year old Australian Shepherd. Toby is very special to me and we even share the same birthday!

Toby recently lost control of his hind legs, which was related to a herniated disk and likely IVDD. For the past two weeks my wife and I have been on full-time care duty. Diapers, sponge baths, the whole gamut.

Previously we had X-Rays done but that type of imaging is not all that conclusive for spinal injuries. So yesterday he had a doggy MRI then rushed into surgery for his L1/L2 discs and a spinal tap. The spinal tap is to make sure the situation wasn’t caused by meningitis. It seems to have gone well but this morning he still hasn’t regained control of his hind legs (and that’s to be expected so soon after surgery). He does have feeling in them though, so that’s a positive sign.

He’s still a very happy boy and we got to spend a half hour with him this morning in the ICU.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us through this, especially with watching our 5 month kitten June who can be a bit of a rascal during the day. We wouldn’t be able to get any sleep without y’all.

Toby, a 4 year old Australian Shepherd with a soft plushy toy laying on a microfoam bed to ease the pain on his back.

To keep his mind active, Tenzing started to teach him to sing. He’s already got part of La Bouche’s “Be My Lover” down which is just too adorable not to share with you.