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Some weeks ago, I posted about how could it would be to have the GtkIconView selection looking like this. So, the first step was done: I cooked a patch. I guess when/if the patch is integrated into GTK (I’m still waiting for the feedback from the maintainers), the next step will be to do some rocking theming work in GtkIconView selection. Comments on this subject should go on bug #382544.

GtkIconView selection: first step for a potential selection eye-candiness.

Update 1: don’t pay too much atention to this checkbox in this screenshot. This is just part of GtkIconView test program with some weird layouts.
Update 2: for those interested, the rounded borders will come the theme engine, not in GTK itself.

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

9 thoughts on “Selection bytes”

  1. I don’t understand the checkboxes. What do they do, and why are they there? Do they only show up when a selection is made, or are they always present?

    Also, wasn’t part of the point to make the selection contiguous?

    Food for thought — I’ll withhold substantive judgments until this has gone through some iterations.

  2. @Jeff,

    The checkboxes are not present in the default GtkIconView. I took this screenshot from the GtkIconView test program in Gtk source tree. They’re there just for testing purposes.

    It seems that even with spacing zero, there’s still some blank space between cells. I’ll investigate this too.

  3. Also, don’t forget that we demand rounded borders.
    Round borders are a must!
    Plz refer to Mr tigert’s mockup attached to the previous post for reference.

  4. i just hope it ends up looking like the mockup, ALSO rounded borders are needed, it won’t look good w/o it. What are those wierd check marks, i hope they won’t be there.

  5. There shouldn’t be that white thin line between selected items.. Lose it, it’ll look sweeter when they selection is combined and has rounded corners. Also the gradient is still missing :-(

  6. The other thing that’s nice about the mockup (but not here) is that the selection colour is not just overlaid on top of the icons, it’s behind it.

  7. Nice work! It’s funny how word “must” appears in comments.
    I guess for this moment there is nothing much to comment unless one patches his gnome and gets feeling of this!

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