The GNOME Journal, May Edition

The GNOME Journal is back! A brand new issue has just been published! It features an interview with Stormy Peters, the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation by Jayson Rowe, a review of the Gourmet Recipe Manager application by Sriram Ramkrishna, a look at the GConf Configuation System for developers by Natan Yellin, an Introduction to the Message Indicator for developers by Ken VanDine, and a letter from our editor, Jim Hodapp.

Special thanks goes to Paul Cutler who coordinated the release of this edition!

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Lucas Rocha is just a brazilian guy who loves hacking and music. He lives in the frozen lands of Finland with his lovely wife Carol. He works for Nokia in the development of Hildon and Maemo. In his free time, he's a happy GNOME contributor. He has a mustache, a beard and big smile in his face.

One thought on “The GNOME Journal, May Edition”

  1. I don’t want nitpicking but as i read the interview the first question was:

    “Could you tell us a little about yourself and your relationship with GNOME and Open Source in general?”

    And i asked my self “Open Source”? I thought GNOME was a GNU project and has somehow an affiliation to GNU and the FSF. For me the freedom part in Free Software (freedom to do what you want with your computer, freedom of speech, a free market,…) is really essential to me and probably to most people in the Free Software Community. “Open Source” doesn’t communicate this but “Free Software” does!

    I always feel a little bit sad if i see that such a high profil GNU project like GNOME seems to lose his “Free Software” focus and speak in official publications about “Open Source”. Even the Executive Director of GNOME speeks/writes a lot about “Open Source” instead of “Free Software”

    As i said at the begining, i don’t want nitpicking! Please don’t see this as an attack agianst anyone personal. I love GNOME and all the people behind it but the journal just gave me an opertunity to write down what i thought for quite some time now…

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