Keysigning BoF at GUADEC

For this year’s GUADEC I like to have a place and time to do some keysigning. I think the last official Keysigning Party was held during the GUADEC in Gran Canaria. So I reserved something on the official BoF wiki, we’ll meet on 30.07 at 16:00 in Room 2.7.

To strengthen the Web of Trust we will have a small Keysigning Party. While we are unfortunately not very good at using OpenPGP, we luckily don’t need to prepare much. So there is no need to send your key to anyone or do anything else, really. We just meet up, exchange key material and convince ourselves about our identities. 2012 \o/


After it didn’t happen last year, it will this year! I’m talking about, the premier Free Software conference in India, if not Asia. I’m very pleased to see that this event managed to pull it off again. Also, everything seems to be very much in time this year, so I expect things to go down smoothly.

If you have something cool to share and want to attract a highly motivated audience, which doesn’t only want to listen, but also to do something, then you should consider submitting something. The 2012 takes place, again, in Bangelore, India, from 2012-11-29 until 2012-12-01.


The Call for Papers is closing soon, so hurry up!

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