Monthly Archives: June 2000

23 June 2000

Did a lot of work on the extension class based pygtk. It now does most of what the non extension class based one did. With a simple skeleton generator, adding support for new libraries is very easy. I added libglade and gtkglarea support in just a few hours (gtkglarea was easier, as it required less […]

14 June 2000

One more exam tomorrow (computer vision), then mid year break. I think someone has been distributing binaries of dia with gnome-print support (which is broken). This has resulted in a lot of complaints and bug reports about the print support not working correctly. I hope it isn’t the Helix packages with gnome-print support enabled. It […]

12 June 2000

Did my first exam today. It was differential topology. As there are only two people doing the course, I either got top or bottom mark Two more exams to go and then the break. We switched ISPs on friday. I am sure that our previous ISP was saturating their network with the internet phone call […]

4 June 2000

Finished upgrading quoll today. It is now a Pentium 200MMX, which means it is now not the slowest computer in the office (not that you would notice — it can do a lot more than the NT boxes). I switched over the mailing lists to mailman, which looks very nice. It feels nice having newer […]