Yeah! You were on fire! Awesome!

On Monday, I was exposed to US-style motivational speaking and team building. There was an element of forced enthusiasm in the team building company employees. Overall it was okay, but frustrating at times.

At the end they taught us to punch through flaming boards of wood. I was only on fire for a little while.

San Francisco

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I arrived in San Francisco today for the Canonical company conference. Seems like a nice place, and not too cold 🙂. So far I’ve just gone for a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf for a few hours. There look

On the plane trip, I had a chance to see Last Train to Freo, which I didn’t get round to seeing in the cinemas. Definitely worth watching.

Daylight Saving in Western Australia

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Like a few other states, Western Australia does not do daylight saving. Recently the state parliament has been discussing a Daylight saving bill. The bill is now before the Legislative Council (the upper house). If the bill gets passed, there will be a 3 year trial followed by a referendum to see if we want to continue.

I hadn’t been paying too much attention to it, and had assumed they would be talking about starting the trial next year. But it seems they’re actually talking about starting it on 3rd December. So assuming the bill gets passed, there will be less than a month til it starts.

If it does get passed, then everyone will need to get time zone data updates for their computers (if they’re in WA, or communicate with people in WA). Curtains will fade! Cows will be confused! It will be chaos!