29 April 2000

More work on new canvas. Started work on the update and
render code for DiaCanvasItem and DiaCanvasGroup classes.
Some of these parts of the current GnomeCanvas code feel
like spagetti code, so hopefully this new canvas should be
more maintainable. The event code still needs to be hooked
up. Soon I may actually be able to start testing things a

27 April 2000

I went to the show put on for Science Week by Dr Karl
Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer last night. It was very
interesting to hear about the weird things some people
research. If you have a chance to see them in another
state, go.

One interesting thing in the show was when they were
pointing out one
of the sections
in the GST^H^H^HNew Tax System act:

For the purposes of making a declaration under this
Subdivision, the Commissioner may:

  • treat a particular event that actually happened as not
    having happened; and

  • treat a particular event that did not actually happen
    as having happened and, if appropriate, treat the event as:

    • having happened at a particular time; and
    • having involved particular action by a particular
      entity; and
  • treat a particular event that actually happened as:
    • having happened at a time different from the time
      it actually happened; or

    • having involved particular action by a particular
      entity (whether or not the event actually involved any
      action by that entity).

On the bright side, hardware will drop from 22% tax to
10% tax and software will go from 0% to 10%. Good thing I
use free software 🙂 Maybe this will make a laptop a bit
more affordable

26 April 2000

In response to sad‘s remarks
about the trust metric, yes it is
really a respect metric. It only has the name trust metric
because the original use for the algorithm was encryption
key webs of trust. Advogato was an experiment using the
same algorithms for a respect metric. I think raph mentioned this in some of the
early advogato articles.

Looking at doing the expose/redraw code for
DiaCanvasView’s. I am implementing this with Federico’s
nice UTA manipulation routines from eog. The routines are
GPL, but as Federico was talking about using them in
GnomeCanvas, he probably won’t mind relicencing to LGPL in
the future.

Alex is focusing on the renderer interfaces It is an
interesting problem where you want to cache data (eg. SVPs
for a libart based renderer) on a view by view basis, but
don’t want to add any special case code for a particular
renderer to canvas items.

24 April 2000

Been hacking on the new dia canvas. The stuff is in the
dia-newcanvas module. I am currently working on some of the
DiaCanvas / DiaCanvasView interactions, which is
interesting. Hopefully the canvas will be useful to other
people doing multi view canvas stuff. It should also add
minimal overhead to people doing single view stuff (do same
sort of initialisation as for GnomeCanvas, but also create a
view), and you get transparent print support.

I got legOS to work with my lego. I should post the RPMs
I made to the Red Hat contrib archive. Being able to write
real programs for the RCX is a lot better than using the
provided software. From the legOS docs, it says you can
send any IR message to another RCX, including ones such as
`erase firmware’ 🙂

21 April 2000

Been creating some RPMs for the stuff needed to compile
programs for the Mindstorms RCX (that is, binutils and egcs
compiled with h8300-hitachi-hms as a target and legOS). I
just realised I don’t have enough batteries to test things
out, and it is a public holiday 🙁

20 April 2000

The CDDB hash function has a high rate of collisions for
single track CDs. Using the freedb.org database, the
RH6.2 source cd comes up as In the corridor of
by Flacco and the Sandman.

On the dia list, we have been discussing writing a new
canvas for using in GTK/GNOME applications as a replacement
of GnomeCanvas. It will take all the good points of the
current Dia canvas (internal handling of multiple views,
abstract rendering interface meaning only a single draw()
routine is needed which can handle GDK, Libart, gnome-print,
etc backends) with the benefits of the GnomeCanvas (based on
GtkObject system, arbitrary transformations, etc).
Depending on how things turn out, we may submit it for
inclusion in GTK+. More info when we work out what we are
going to do.

17 April 2000

There is something weird about bug buddy or the gnome bug
system. I am getting unrelated bugs from different people
posted as followups for bug #3500. All
the followups have been posted with bug-buddy 0.6 or 0.7.
It is getting quite annoying (and yes I have reported the
problen: #8144)

got a message from someone wanting help installing
libglade, because he can’t install Unreal Tournament without
it 🙂

The GNOME mailing lists are really slow. There is
three days between sending a message and it getting posted
to the list.

I checked in a correct distance function for the
shape code. Now all the custom shapes in dia are actually
shaped with respect to selection (before they were all
rectangular as far as selection was concerned).

17 April 2000

They have an ask
story on slashdot at the moment that seems to
be asking the question:

There is some GPL’d code I really like and want to use in my
proprietary application. I know that the GPL says that I
should GPL my software if I want to use the code, but do I
really have to? How about if I put it in a DLL?

The comments range from incorrect opinions and
suggestions about how to get round the GPL to sensible
messages from people such as Bruce Perens. Slashdot is
definitely not what it once was (both that a story like this
would even be on the front page, and the comments people

I wonder how that peer press idea is comming along. It
has the potential to provide a good news service and make
sure crud like that doesn’t get propagated.

17 April 2000

Today is my 21st birthday. It looks like I am getting
some Lego Mindstorms stuff, which should be interesting.

The custom shape code in dia now has a proper distance
algorithm. This should get of the bugs where sometimes
clicking on one object causes another one close by (which
happens to be implemented with a custom shape) to be

16 April 2000

Had my 21st birthday party yesterday (the actual birthday
is tomorrow though). It was pretty good, although we ended
up with the same amount of swan gold as we started with (you
can’t even give that stuff away). Maybe this was also
because we had some good beer as well.

Thanks to everyone who came, as I had a great time.