26 April 2000

In response to sad‘s remarks
about the trust metric, yes it is
really a respect metric. It only has the name trust metric
because the original use for the algorithm was encryption
key webs of trust. Advogato was an experiment using the
same algorithms for a respect metric. I think raph mentioned this in some of the
early advogato articles.

Looking at doing the expose/redraw code for
DiaCanvasView’s. I am implementing this with Federico’s
nice UTA manipulation routines from eog. The routines are
GPL, but as Federico was talking about using them in
GnomeCanvas, he probably won’t mind relicencing to LGPL in
the future.

Alex is focusing on the renderer interfaces It is an
interesting problem where you want to cache data (eg. SVPs
for a libart based renderer) on a view by view basis, but
don’t want to add any special case code for a particular
renderer to canvas items.