15 December 2002

Haven’t posed here for a while …


Put out a few releases of PyORBit. Seems to work quite well, although it still needs some more work. CVS gnome-python is already using it, but I haven’t put out any tarballs yet (which I should do — it has been too long since the last releases).


I started working on another small GNOME package a few weeks ago: a set of tools to help manage fonts on fontconfig based GNOME systems (such as GNOME 2.1.x and Red Hat 8.0). Here are a few screenshots of what it can do:

The thumbnailing only works if you have Nautilus 2.1, but the rest works on vanila RH8. What the screenshots don’t show is that the fonts:/// folder can also be used to install fonts via drag and drop (it puts the files in ~/.fonts, which is in the default fontconfig search path).

Even though I have only been hacking on it for a while, fontilus has already become fairly popular. There are packages in Mandrake Cooker, RH Rawhide and Debian Unstable.