8 December 2000

Have been hacking on pygtk recently, and a small amount
on glib HEAD and framebuffer gtk (which is looking really
promising). I did up the first cut at allowing arbitrary
GtkTreeModels to be defined in python code. It leaks badly,
and it will probably be near impossible to fix correctly

The glib patch was to add some convenience functions for
the GSignal code, as it is so difficult to use the existing
functions people are still creating GtkObjects because of
the gtksignal compatibility wrappers. Still waiting on
feedback from Tim about it

Yesterday night alex asked me to try
compiling pygtk with the framebuffer port of GTK, which he
is working on. After adding a single missing function to
the framebuffer gdk backend, pygtk compiled with no source
modifications, which was good. I was having trouble with
the “ms” serial mouse driver in GtkFB and my mouse. I put
together a patch to make finding the start of mouse packets
a little smarter, and to fix up the mouse button handling
for that driver. The level of functionality in GtkFB is
quite impressive.

Last Sunday, I went to the reconciliation walk in the
city, which went quite well. Lots of people turned up.
Also, on the way there I noticed a big banner on the old
Swan Brewery (which has been a sore point, because it was an
Aboriginal sacred site) saying “sorry”. I don’t know if
anything different will happen with the development at that
site though.