26 May 2002


The menu merge code is mostly working now. With some
help from Anders, almost all the menu merge functionality is
working. You can merge and demerge UI files, bind a
particular menu item to a different action, and use

Toolbars are still left to go. I need to work out how to
do the placeholders on toolbars, as the placeholder
implementation for menus makes use of (possibly hidden)
separator menu items before and after the elements within
the placeholder. The separators in GtkToolbar are not
widgets, so I will need to work out some other way to handle it.


Preparation for the conference is going well. We are
still waiting for more submissions for the Call for Papers.
If you want to do a talk, please send in a submission!

Star Wars

Went to see AOTC today. It was a lot better than Episode
1. It was pretty cool recognising some of the buildings I
had been to in Seville in some of the scenes.

It was a bit weird that all the clones were kiwis though.

17 May 2002

Switched over to GNOME 2.0 on my laptop. It is
definitely at the stage where I can use it for every day
work. There are a few annoyances, but it is shaping up
quite nicely. Libglade is shaping up very nicely, and will
probably be go stable soon. PyGTK might take a little longer.

I recently found out that bugzilla.gnome.org has
support for new email tech, but it was turned off by
default. I turned it on, and the bug mail looks a lot nicer
(like my mail from all the other bugzillas, rather than diff
-u output).

12 May 2002

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The Call for Papers is out:


There is also an HTML version on the website, but it
doesn’t quite match the final version of the CFP (yet).


Bottled the honey ale today. It will be interesting to
see how it tastes in a few weeks. The sweetness was gone,
but I could definitely taste the honey still. It should be
very nice.


Put out yet another beta of libglade for the GNOME 2.0
beta 5 release which should be comming out this week. I
should also make new releases of pygtk and gnome-python as
well. I have done a number of improvements to the code
generator, so pygtk is a bit more complete. The last
gnome-python release no longer compiles with the latest
GConf, so it also needs a new release.

5 May 2002

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Started another batch of beer yesterday. This time I
mixed in a kilogram of honey (replacing some of the sugar),
so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The
bubbles coming out of the airlock smell fairly different, so
it will hopefully go okay.

Merged some patches from various people into my jhbuild
build scripts over the weekend. Thanks to jdahlin, it now
has support for getting things from other CVS trees. At the
moment, we have rules for thinice2, gstreamer and mrproject
using this feature.