23 July 2003

edd: The advogato RSS export has been around for quite a while; however raph only recently added the little RSS buttons.. I recently submitted a patch to add the missing <link> elements, which it looks like I screwed up slightly 🙂.

Before it was only giving the pubDate and description elements. I have submitted another patch to add a title elements and fix the links. Don’t know when it will be applied though.

Update: Raph applied the patch. Now advogato diary entries are showing up on Jeff’s Gnome Hackers aggregator. Thanks!

Gnome Website

Jeff moved the main Gnome website over to the new design yesterday. While there is still a fair bit to do on the content side, it does look a lot nicer. He also got rid of the WML dependency which was a large barrier to potential contributors.

Once the new infrastructure gets merged, it’ll be possible to mark up new content as plain XHTML or Docbook/XML and have it all fit into the site design. This will make it a lot easier to contribute, since there are more tools available to edit those formats, and it is possible to easily validate them.

A story got posted to Footnotes about the update while it was in progress, which resulted in a fair number of troll comments. Makes me glad I didn’t end up switching the main site over 🙂.

18 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites

Did a little more work on the Gnome LXR. It is now no longer using the old ’95 era apache file icons in the directory listings, but instead using some icons based on the main Gnome icon theme. I had to modify some of them a bit because they didn’t scale all that well down to the smaller sizes. It definitely looks a lot nicer now.


Was having some trouble with the qrunner process on the local mailman installation. Apparently if it gets a temporary delivery failure, it queues the message for delivery again immediately. For mail being delivered through the local MTA, this is a pretty big problem — if you get a temporary failure, you are likely to get another temporary failure a fraction of a second later. Having the qrunner process using all available CPU doesn’t help get out of this situation …

I grabbed the CVS head versions of the Mailman/Queue sources and integrated it into my 2.1.2 installation, and the problems pretty much went away. It handles this situation a lot better.

I also put together a bookmarklet to save time while moderating lists:

javascript:(function(){‌var elements=document.forms[0].elements; for(var i=0; i<elements.length; i++){var el=elements[i]; if(el.type==’radio’&&el.value==’3′){el.checked=true;}}})()

On the mailman moderation screen (both 2.0 and 2.1 versions), I can activate this bookmark and it will check all the “discard” radio buttons. Since most messages are usually spam, this means I just have to mark to check the radio buttons for messages that are not spam, which is a lot quicker.

14 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites

I converted the Gnome LXR and Bonsai installations over to the new site
design Jeff did.  Overall it looks very good.  Having a
consistent design across the sites makes them all look a lot more
professional.  This just leaves the big one to do (www.gnome.org).


raph committed my patch to add <link> elements to the items in
the diary RSS feeds.  This should make the RSS feeds a bit more
useful, since you can then go from the RSS to the individual diary

I also had a play with the Mozilla midas rich text editing functionality as a way to provide WYSIWIG diary entry
It is a little rough, but it is good enough to write this diary entry
with 🙂  With a small amount of hacking, I was able to get the
code to work with IE as well.

David Hicks

It seems that our Prime Minister and Attorney-General seem to have
decided that it is okay to have an Australian citizen tried without due
process in a secret court where he could face execution.  If there
is evidence against him, there shouldn’t be any problem trying him in
an Australian court.  It is particularly sickenning to see them
acting like this when compared to the British government’s actions with
respect to their citizens in a similar situation.  There was an
interesting article by Malcolm Fraser about this yesterday.


Got a bit tired of the ancient site design of the Gnome developer website, so spent a little while updating it to match jdub‘s new site design. Now all that is left to do is to fix the content 🙂

Update: updated the bugzilla.gnome.org templates to match.