18 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites

Did a little more work on the Gnome LXR. It is now no longer using the old ’95 era apache file icons in the directory listings, but instead using some icons based on the main Gnome icon theme. I had to modify some of them a bit because they didn’t scale all that well down to the smaller sizes. It definitely looks a lot nicer now.


Was having some trouble with the qrunner process on the local mailman installation. Apparently if it gets a temporary delivery failure, it queues the message for delivery again immediately. For mail being delivered through the local MTA, this is a pretty big problem — if you get a temporary failure, you are likely to get another temporary failure a fraction of a second later. Having the qrunner process using all available CPU doesn’t help get out of this situation …

I grabbed the CVS head versions of the Mailman/Queue sources and integrated it into my 2.1.2 installation, and the problems pretty much went away. It handles this situation a lot better.

I also put together a bookmarklet to save time while moderating lists:

javascript:(function(){‌var elements=document.forms[0].elements; for(var i=0; i<elements.length; i++){var el=elements[i]; if(el.type==’radio’&&el.value==’3′){el.checked=true;}}})()

On the mailman moderation screen (both 2.0 and 2.1 versions), I can activate this bookmark and it will check all the “discard” radio buttons. Since most messages are usually spam, this means I just have to mark to check the radio buttons for messages that are not spam, which is a lot quicker.