26 January 2000

Have not posted anything here for a while. I got back
from my holiday last wednesday. It was three weeks in New
Zealand and a few days in Melbourne. Other than getting my
bags lost for two days on the way into NZ, it was a good
trip. In Melbourne, I stopped by at my uncle’s company Data Electronics. Some
of their new products sound very interesting.

One problem with the trip was lack of access to email. I
had heaps when I got back. I quickly learnt that the signs
saying a shop had `Internet/Email’ meant they had a web
browser with its home page set to hotmail. Not very useful
if you need an ssh client. Maybe I should look into one of
those java ssh clients for such occasions.

Matt Wilson has been doing quite a bit of bug fixing on
gnome-python, so we will be making a new release of that
soon. A number of people have been doing some work on dia.
Mainly Cyrille who has been doing some new object libraries
and and a bit of work on other bits. There are also a
number of custom shapes that people have done (mainly
network related ones) that I need to integrate.