14 February 2002


Went to linux.conf.au
in Brisbane last week, which was a lot of fun. I went a few
days early to see what was going on at the debian mini
conference, and got roped into giving a small demonstration
of gnome 2.0 stuff at about 30 seconds notice. I am not
very good at doing presentations with no preparation 🙁

Met up with gman, who was at the
conference as part of his holiday over here. The talks were
very interesting. Sounds like Samba 3.0 will rock (does
win2k domain client RPCs), and it may not take long after
that to become a win2k PDC.

On the last day, among other things, I went to the
Portable.NET work in process talk. The guy giving it seemed
really bitter about Mono. He didn’t seem to be giving any
real reasons for it, but didn’t give any real reasons for it.

Looks like the next linux.conf.au is going to be in
Perth, so I hope everyone is going to turn up 🙂.
Part of what got us the conference was the video
some of the PLUG guys did. They showed the video at the end
of the conference, and it was very good.

Gnome 2.0

While at l.c.a, I put out another release of devel
libglade. This one just stripped out some of the unused
functions from the module API (which isn’t used by any
applications). I also went through and updated a lot of the
docs. The tutorial section has been updated a lot, and so
has the API reference section. I started filling out a
third section of the manual on the actual file format, but
that isn’t finished.

Gnome in the Past

While talking about the difference between the old gnome
window hints and the newer window manager spec
(collaborative effort with KDE and many window manager
authors). One thing that came up was the colour reactive
GUI crack in the old spec. I pulled up a few related links
from the bowels of time:

On one hand, the new API got in a lot quicker than it
would these days. On the other, it would have taken a lot
longer to get rid of this kind of crach these days
(deprecating it for the duration of a major release, etc).
Maybe I should resurrect GnomeLamp as a bonobo control
example for gnome-python 🙂