14 July 2003

Gnome Developer Websites

I converted the Gnome LXR and Bonsai installations over to the new site
design Jeff did.  Overall it looks very good.  Having a
consistent design across the sites makes them all look a lot more
professional.  This just leaves the big one to do (www.gnome.org).


raph committed my patch to add <link> elements to the items in
the diary RSS feeds.  This should make the RSS feeds a bit more
useful, since you can then go from the RSS to the individual diary

I also had a play with the Mozilla midas rich text editing functionality as a way to provide WYSIWIG diary entry
It is a little rough, but it is good enough to write this diary entry
with 🙂  With a small amount of hacking, I was able to get the
code to work with IE as well.

David Hicks

It seems that our Prime Minister and Attorney-General seem to have
decided that it is okay to have an Australian citizen tried without due
process in a secret court where he could face execution.  If there
is evidence against him, there shouldn’t be any problem trying him in
an Australian court.  It is particularly sickenning to see them
acting like this when compared to the British government’s actions with
respect to their citizens in a similar situation.  There was an
interesting article by Malcolm Fraser about this yesterday.